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October 30, 2018
Dear readers,
In this newsletter, we would like to inform you in detail, what to expect in Budapest at our capacity workshops!
Your EMC team
27 & 29 November 2018 in Budapest
learn and network with other music professionals
In Budapest, you will be able to discover training tools to further develop your music career! It will be a unique place to discover what technology has to offer and to meet other music entrepreneurs and exchange on common challenges! Have a look here on the different topics.
International Cooperation & Networking
Are you trying to develop your business or cooperation idea further? Are you looking for some guidance and information on where to get some funding? Don't wait any longer! We have developed an Online Course on these challenging questions and will show you in Budapest how to work with it. Additionally we will have a Facebook group to answer all of your questions! Can't wait to meet other music entrepreneurs via the Online Course? Budapest will be a great place to start to network!
Festival Management
Would you like to strengthen your festival and especially learn how to better associate your volunteers to your event? Discover how a meaningful synthesis can be built between festival managers and volunteers establishing a win-win situation for all. Furthermore we have developed a festival management toolbox to be explored whenever you need new incentives for your festival. Come to Budapest to learn more on our tips and tricks!
PROmote! Increasing your audience through Social Media
Are you wondering how to further develop your communication strategy in a very fast changing world? We will provide you with practical tips for online and offline awareness-raising of your events, may it be classical, pop/rock music, new music or more. We will show you exactly how to use it in Budapest.
Webinars as a new tool to meet and share your knowledge
Are you into knowledge sharing? Would you like to know some technical features to overcome distance easily? Thanks to webinars you'll be able to meet and teach others no matter where they live. Let us share with you our experience of holding a series of webinars!
Social Inclusion of Disadvantaged Youth through Music
Are you a teacher, educator or a social worker and would like to expand your knowledge on how to reach disadvantaged youth through music? We produced guidelines that present a collection of inspiring existing methods and include as well methods solely developed for this project. All methods will be presented in much more detail on 27 November.
→ Registration deadline: 15 November 2018
Right after our STAMP events, there will be the annual EMC workshop. This year we will have a detailed look on office management tools such as Zoom, Asana or Basecamp. What are the advantages or disadvantages? You will find out in Budapest!
► What are the solutions if your office staff members are not working in one place or your board members and you would like to better organise their work and input?
► Which office management tool helps in which situation?
► Where are the obstacles of working with such tools and what should you be aware of when using them?
► We will provide you with some answers in Budapest! You will also get the possibility to exchange with our experts on your specific reality and get some feedback from our peer-to-peer learning group!
♦ Registration fee for the EMC Workshop
EMC member: free
→ non-EMC member: 50€ & young 30€
EMC Membership benefit
→ free workshop, travel and accomodation bursaries
We offer to our members some travel and accommodation bursaries. Please contact us at: for more information.
Members of EMC members welcome
→ Did you know that your members get the same member benefit?
We encourage members and young colleagues active in music from Central, Eastern and South East Europe to join us as this is the main target group of our STAMP project. Do you have a member there? Tell them to apply to the EMC travel bursary to not miss this fantastic training!
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