European Music Council
May 19, 2021
2 - 5 June 2021
Invitation to the European Forum on Music
Music is one of the pillars of European culture. It has an intrinsic value, enriching and inspiring those who engage in it. Music is an art form and, as such, has contributed and continues to contribute immensely to Europe’s legacy, building a rich heritage that preserves and celebrates the diversity of our continent’s cultural identities. Music can also serve as a tool that promotes individual development and brings change to many levels of society: it is a formidable unifier of people, a natural vehicle for social engagement and inclusion and a powerful agent for democratic values. Finally, music is involved in a variety of products that contribute to international trade, economic growth and job creation.
In all of its manifestations, music is a tremendously precious resource for Europe.
These introductory sentences of the European Agenda for Music, first released in 2018 make a bold statement for music and its importance for the societies we live in. Yet, political decisions about opening, closing and re-opening (or not) of clubs, choirs, theatres, operas, music schools and other places for music show the huge discrepancy between this bold statement and the sad reality. Political actions seem to fall behind on the relevance of music for our living together. This hard landing in pandemic realities calls for a clear view on what place music takes in our societies, including a reality check pre- and post- Covid-19. The music sector is one of the hardest hit by the pandemic and at the same time it will be one of the sectors who can contribute significantly to the recovery, with its intrinsic power as an artform, its strength to be a tool for social and individual development and its economic force for jobs and growth. That is why we are "Claiming a front row seat. The place of music in society" with the 2021 online edition of the European Forum on Music.
The European Forum on Music 2021 taking place online from 2 - 5 June 2021 will offer a variety of sessions and networking opportunities for the music sector. To make the EFM a truely interactive experience, all participants are invited to hire a virtual booth (free of charge) to present their material and activities. Keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive workshops will allow to dive deeper on the following topics:
→ The role and place of music in society
→ Working conditions of musical artists
→ Music and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
→ Getting back to enjoying music after COVID-19
→ Implementation of the EU Copyright Directive
→ Info session about the new generation of EU funding
We would like to make sure that even though the music sector was hit hard, it will come out of the crisis stronger, more resilient and claiming its right place which will be reflected in political action.


Many distinguished speakers will be at the EFM to discuss the place of music in society, including Niklas Nienaß (European Parliament), Barbara Gessler (European Commission), Tere Badia (Culture Action Europe), Moritz Eggert (German Composers Union), Jordi Pascual (UCLG), Brydie Leigh-Bartlett (Queensland Conservatorium), Shain Shapiro (Center for Music Ecosystems), Marta Keil (Performing Arts Institute Warsaw) and more.

EFM Programme

You will find further details on the programme of the European Forum on Music from 2 - 5 June 2021. From keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive workshops to networking opportunities. Click here for further details:


Your virtual booth

All participants are invited to hire a virtual booth (free of charge) to present their material and activities. You can upload publications, videos, images and include links with further information. Indicate in the registration form for which organisations you would like to hire the virtual booth.

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