EMC Online Lounges

The EMC together with the International Music Council decided in reaction to these very challenging and unpredecent times due to the spread worldwide of the COVID-19 to get their members around the globe together.

A series of lounges were launched & hosted by the EMC for Europe, to which all participants could share on their situations, challenges, fears and hopes & best practices. These very informal get-together gave food for tought to the EMC team and we decided to host more formal lounges in order to go dig a bit deeper in all the best practices and initiatives from our membership and partners in Europe and beyond.

The EMC was very glad to invite to one on 14 May 2020, members and partners to share their work with online tools in reaction to the COVID-19 crisis.
The speakers presented their work and initiatives such as:

Mary Luehrsen, NAMM, presented music education online tools and NAMM webinars
→ Check the presentation here and the webinars here.

"Music is connecting communities around the world.
Dedication and passion never left the room, it just changed rooms."

Sonja Greiner, European Choral Association, presented the tool "Digital Stage"
→ Check the presentation here and the website here.

"No full choir rehearsal before a long time.
A virtual choir is not a real choir, only the ended and edited product sounds like a choir."

Till Skoruppa and Philippe Dalarun, European Music School Union, presented the outcomes of a survey they made on online music education tools in Europe
→ Check the survey here.

"Necessity is the mother of innovation.
Topics of digitisation have been on the agenda for a long time, now we need to move discussions to quality, online pedagogy..."

Barbara Revelli, ELIA, presented management tools and the feedback process, incl. general remarks on online teaching
→ Check the presentation here and list of tools here.

"The way in which we work in a remote way is very different.
Demands much bigger planning, project management and collaboration."