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Associazione Emiliano Romagnola Cori - AERCO

With the name of AERCIP (Associazione Emiliano Romagnola Cori of Folk
Inspiration), on 16 May 1971, a small group of choirs from Emilia Romagna Region
(Leone and Stelutis of Bologna, Monte Toccacielo of Porretta Terme (BO), Giuseppe
Verdi of Argenta (FE), Valpadana di Casumaro (FE), Val Dolo di Toano (RE), gave
life to the first regional association formed by choral groups founded in Italy. A few
years later, thanks to the entrance of some polyphonic choirs, the association acquired
the name of AERCO, Associazione Emiliano Romagnola Cori. The founders then set
as a goal to find a moment of collaboration to spread the amateur musical
associationism, to improve the technical preparation of the conductors, to support the
activity of the choirs, creating opportunities for concerts and musical meetings in
order to facilitate the musical practice between the members and finally, to contribute
to strengthening music research in the region, both in the polyphonic and in the
ethnophonic field. Purposes that are still at the base of its mission. The associated
choirs are, at present, 212. From the first Bologna headquarters of Via Zamboni, 51,
the Association first moved to Via Gramsci, then to Via Amendola, subsequently in
Via San Carlo and Via Capo di Lucca. Currently the AERCO headquarters and
historical archive reside in Barberia 9, Bologna.



EMC member since 2019

Location: Italy
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