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Callias Foundation

CALLIAS FOUNDATION is an independent think-and-do tank in Berlin.

We are an international team of professionals creating intercultural innovation in the field of classical music as an instrument to improve the relationship between people for whom classical music is an important part of life.

Our vision as a non-profit organisation is to use the possibilities of digital technology as a sounding board for classical music to develop new forms of interactivity with 'the other' in a global context including digital innovation to reach new audiences in countries along the New and Old Silk Road and beyond.

Our mission as a Foundation is to create all necessary professional conditions for the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra so that it can become an internationally visible background for the increasing number of sources of inspiration shared by music lovers from all over the world at the Silk Road Cultural Belt.

The Conference of the Birds has been visited by 770.000 people with 19.7 % returning active listeners and is currently present in 225 countries.

Callias Foundation is a member of the Association of German Foundations and is working towards the implementation of the EFC Principles of Good Practice. The tool aims to support European Foundations in pursuing their public-benefit purposes by reinforcing their independent governance, sound management, transparency and accountability

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EMC member since 2017

Location: Germany
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