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Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica - FACDIM

Women in Music, was born in 1978 as a movement promoting and presenting music composed and created by women worldwide, of all genres and in all times. “Equal Opportunities for Women in the Arts and Music” is at the heart of the mission and advocacy undertaken by the Adkins Chiti: Women in Music Foundation, an Italian cultural organisation, partner within cultural agreements undersigned by the Italian Foreign Ministry, member of UNESCO’s International Music Council and the European Music Council, internationally recognised for its activities to obtain recognition and visibility for women in the cultural sector. The Foundation collaborates with the EUC for research projects. Its work has the patronage of UNESCO and the Arab Academy (network of cultural organisations within the Arab League).

The Women in Music Foundation has been active since 1978 and today has a network of 27  thousand women music practitioners in 113 countries. Its work has been recognised by IMC/UNESCO, UNESCO, the European Commission and the European Parliament.



Location: Italy
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