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National/Specialised Music Organisation

Musique en Territoires

Musique en Territoires is a non-profit umbrella association created in May 2003, dedicated to facilitate work within the network and various interregional organisations and projects in the performing arts field to contribute to:

  • structuring projects,
  • jobs and professionalization,
  • public debate

Members are regional performing arts agencies and Voice mission, in charge of cultural development services (coordination, mediation, information, training, observation,…).

These regional organisms participate in the structuring of a concerted and integrated approach closely linked to the State, territorial communities, elected, associations, and in connection with professionals amateur practitioners of the arts.

The Interregional platform facilitate the sharing of methodologies, ideas, experiences and works in cultural projects and policies, also providing seminaries, training, publications, and connexions between networks to render accessible a certain number of tools, services, and projects.


EMC member since 2012

Location: France
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