Membership application form

By filling in this form you are applying for membership with the  EMC and the IMC. Please go here if you would like to check again the membership categories.  

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National and specialised organisations

1) General information
Information on the organisation
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Information on the legal representative
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2) Membership organisation
3) Please give a brief description on your organisation to be published on the EMC website:*

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5) Activities
  • production or presentation (conferences, recordings, live performances, festivals, competitions etc.)
  • strategic planning for the development in the area of musical activity you represent
  • advocacy for the interests of your musical discipline or sphere of activity
  • research / data collection
  • capacity building and training
  • information and publication services (magazine, books, newsletter, website)
6) Short account on the history of the organisation including your founding year:
7) Dues

The membership fee is based on your country category (legal seat) and your annual operational budget.

Please indicate your country categorie your organisation is based in. For the country categories, please refer to the overview

8) Source of funding
Please indicate the percentage of your annual operational budget coming from the following sources: *
9) Comments
10) Declaration of the applying organisation
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