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National/Specialised Music Organisation

Music of Armenia - MoA

Established in 2008, Music of Armenia is breathing new life into the Armenian music ...
National Music Council

National All-Ukrainian Music Union - NUMU

The National All-Ukrainian Music Union is one of the oldest and largest ...
National/Specialised Music Organisation

National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education & Amateur Arts - LKCA

The LKCA is for everyone who is committed to education and participation in culture ...
The Netherlands
National Music Council

National Music Committee of Azerbaijan - NMC

The National Music Committee of Azerbaijan created in 2003 aims to assist the ...
National/Specialised Music Organisation

Plate-forme interrégionale - PFI

Plate-forme interrégionale (Interregional platform) is a non-profit umbrella  ...
National Music Council

Polish Music Council - PRM

Prompted by our care for the future of Polish music, and aiming to raise the ...
National/Specialised Music Organisation

Russian Music Union - RMU

The Russian Music Union (RMU) is the largest public organization of modern Russia ...
National/Specialised Music Organisation

SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative

SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative is an independent non-partisan and ...
National/Specialised Music Organisation

Solèart Management

The mission of Solèart Management is to promote young musicians and higher musical  ...
International Music Organisation

Society Of Music Merchants - SOMM

National Music Council

Swiss Music Council - SMR CSM

The Swiss Music Council works on improving the cultural, political and educationnal ...
National/Specialised Music Organisation

Scottish Music Centre - SMC

The Scottish Music Centre is at the heart of the national music industry in all its ...
United Kingdom