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December 06, 2018
Dear readers,
All STAMP partners want to celebrate a special moment with you! After two years of hard work, we are proud to share the STAMP developed tools, guidelines & online training on how to transform your career with music! Check it out and share it!
Free training online!
Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals
Entrepreneurship in Music
You want to diversify your musical career or know more on specific topics as finding your place in the value chain or branding and professional career in music..?
→ Watch our Webinar series aiming to stimulate your entrepreneurial thinking

You want to organise webinars?
→ See our guidelines to create some 
You want to know what a Young Event Management Programme (YEMP) is and how you can adapt it to your needs and your reality?
→ See how to create a win-win situation for your volunteers and your festival 
You need some tips to organise a festival?
→ Check the - under construction -
(Young) Managers' Toolbox
Increase your Audience
You want to know how to adapt your communication strategy to an ever-changing world?
→ Check this online handbook to get an update on the current communication channels and on how to increase your audience
Social Inclusion through Music
You want to know more about how to work with disadvantaged youth through music and learn how to implement a multicultural environment through participation in music activities?
→ Learn how to transform disabilities into strenghts through music
International Cooperation & Networking
You want to start your international cooperation project but are not sure how?
→ Check our Online Course

You want to share your ideas or need help?
→ Contact us and other entrepreneurs 
Training Database
You don't know where to look for training in the music sector all around Europe?
→ Check our database with training opportunities 

You would like to promote your own workshops?
→ Upload your courses 

Budapest Calling!
Throwback to our STAMP workshops
All our STAMP partners were proud to present their work last week in Budapest.
This was a great opportunity to network & discuss on how to implement all training opportunities to one's reality. Don't hesitate to contact our partners to see how you can use these tools in your country:
• Cyprus Centre for Research and Study of Music, based in Cyprus
• European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, based in Germany
European Music Council, based in Germany
• European Union of Music Competitions for Youth, based in Germany
• Jeunesses Musicales Hungary, based in Hungary
• Live DMA, based in France
• Estonian Academy for Music, based in Estonia
• European Chamber Music Teachers Association, based in Estonia
• Unison – Croatian Music organisation, based in Croatia
• Latvian Music Council, based in Latvia
More information on the workshops here!
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