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February 12, 2019
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This week, it is 100 days left until EU citizens go to the polls to elect a new European Parliament. Read more to find out what the EMC, other cultural organisations and you can do to strengthen democracy and celebrate culture!
23 - 26 May 2019
European Parliamentary Elections 2019
A new European Parliament will be elected between 23 and 26 May 2019 in all EU Member States. The European Music Council urges all EU citizens to use their democratic right to vote and contribute to ensuring a democratic, free and diverse European Union. The music and wider cultural sector is faced with increasing pressures on freedom of artistic and cultural expression alongside new global challenges, including digitalisation and climate change. All of this requires ambitious and purposeful cultural policies at EU level as a fundamental part of a strong European Union, one that the cultural sector will support and defend. It is therefore essential that candidates and voters recognise culture’s contribution to the EU as a necessary source of unity and a force for cooperation and mutual understanding.
The EMC has developed campaign materials for the European elections 2019 inspired by the cultureɘurope campaign of Culture Action Europe.
the EMC material for your websites, newsletters and social media to create awareness of the upcoming elections and encourage people to vote. For example, the EMC in cooperation with the Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn, included the flyer in this years' concert programme.
The EMC supports and builds on other campaigns for the European elections that help to create greater awareness and engagement:
Use #thistimeimvoting in your social media posts. This is the slogan used by the European Parliament for the elections campaign. It is a non-partisan communication action, independent from any political party and ideology. The slogan is available in all official EU languages.
and many more
cultureɘurope is the EP campaign run by Culture Action Europe with helpful material and activities which we encourage you to make use of! A set of questions has been developed to collect the positions of candidates/political parties on the core cultural policy issues. You can use the questions, which are available in different languages when meeting candidates at public meetings, debates or in social media interactions. They will also produce podcast interviews with candidates or representatives of political parties on their cultural policy positions. On 25 April 2019 an Online Dialogue will provide EU citizens with the opportunity to discuss with EU policy makers and MEP candidates.
Declaration of The Many
The EMC is a signatory of the “Declaration of the Many” initiated by German arts and cultural organisations on 9.11.2018. It focuses on the self-activation of networks in culture in order to become active against racism and exploitation of arts and culture by right-wing nationalists and in favour of open and critical dialogue and solidarity. The organisers of the declaration are also planning joint actions, events and discussions as a demonstration in May 2019 together with other civil society groups. Arts and cultural organisations outside of Germany are more than welcome to sign the Declaration of the Many.
The EMC is a regional group of the
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