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October 01, 2020
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Happy International Music Day!
There has been plenty going on lately and we are happy to report to you on the important EP resolutions, joint open letters, calls and events! Check out as well our latest news on our activities! Your EMC Team
What is happening at the European Parliament?
Greening Creative Europe
The European Parliament adopted a resolution on how to green the future Creative Europe, Erasmus+ and Solidarity Corps programmes highlighting how they can be used to contribute to the wider environmental objectives and contribute to the European Green Deal. At the same time, the resolution also warns against comprimising the original content and values of the programme: mobility, learning and creativity. The already extremely limited budgets of these programmes should also not be eroded. The EP points out that Creative Europe projects can be an opportunity to exchange good environmental practices and calls for the development of an environmental charter to be developed with cultural and creative sector stakeholders.
→ Check the resolution here
German Presidency priorities in CULT
Monika Grütters, State Minister for Culture and the Media presented the cultural policy priorities of the German EU Presidency to the members of the Culture and Education Committee in the European Parliament on 1 September. As priorities she named managing the COVID-19 consequences for the cultural sector and expressed support for the proposal to earmark 1-2% of the recovery fund for the cultural and creative sector. The German Presidency also aims for Council conclusions on gender equality in culture and media by the end of the year. The MEPs criticized the limited budgets for the education and culture programmes and emphasized the need to find an agreement on the MFF by the end of 2020.
→ Watch the meeting here
What about EU priorities & financial support?
State of the Union from President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivered her first ever State of the Union speech, outlining the EU priorities almost one year since the start of her mandate. She focused on the policy challenges ahead, from the green transition to the digital, from the reform of migration and asylum framework to upholding equality in the Union. Culture did not make it to the 79-minute speech of the Commission President, if not through generic remarks on the new paradigm for Europe.
→ Read the analysis from Culture Action Europe here
Making sense of the EU financial support jungle
The European Union has suggested a number of instruments to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. These can be broadly grouped into three groups: Next Generation EU, Emergency measures, Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). Each of these include several instruments that will be further designed and implemented through national recovery plans in each Member State. In order for the cultural sector to be able to access these funds, it is of crucial importance that the national recovery plans include concrete actions and measures for the cultural sector. On the EMC website, we have put together further information which parts of these three instruments are or can be relevant for the cultural sector and what is needed now to ensure accessibility of the cultural sector.
→ Learn more here

Cultural recovery of Europe

With an overwhelming majority, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the "Cultural Recovery of Europe". Although this resolution is non-binding, it highlights the challenges of the cultural and creative sector due to COVID-19 and makes specific proposals how the proposed recovery funds can be used to support the recovery of the cultural and creative sector. The proposals of the resolution include:
► recognising the atypical nature of work in the cultural and creative sectors (specific economic models, mixed and irregular incomes, etc.)
► earmarking a significant part of the economic recovery for the cultural and creative sectors, specifically 2% in the Recovery and Resilience Facility
► identifying a clear budget and concrete actions for the cultural and creative sector in REACT-EU
► increasing the Creative Europe budget to €2.8 billion
► calling on the Commission to introduce a European Framework for working conditions in the cultural and creative sectors and industries at EU level
► calling on Member States to make SURE accessible to SMEs and non-formal entitites from the cultural and creative sector
► support and promotion of freedom of artistic expression
→ Read the full text of the resolution here
Get your voices together
Open letter on the European Democracy Action Plan
Culture Action Europe and Freemuse have released an open letter in response to the public consultation launched by the European Commission on the European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP). The EMC is amongst other networks signatory of the open letter.
→ Read it here
#Together4CreativeEurope campaign
Over 250 European cultural leaders and arts organisations have signed an open letter to the UK Government to reverse the decision to take the UK out of Creative Europe. Being part of this programme, not only amplifies the UK arts and creative industries but also provides financial support to hundreds of organisations.
→ You can find more information about #Together4CreativeEurope campaign here.
Statement on the public consultation on cultural heritage in Europe
NEMO, Culture Action Europe, ViMM and Michael Culture Association issued an statement to make important additions on the open consultation on the Digital Cultural Heritage. The aim of the statement is to broader the definition of cultural heritage to include both tangible and intangible heritage.
→ Read it here.
The #Culture2030Goal campaign, supported by the International Music Council, aims to include Culture in supporting resilience in the face of COVID-19 and how culture can support in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
→ Check for more here
New calls for application out
Music Moves Europe call
The European Commission will select one consortium that will design and manage an innovative and effective support scheme that redistributes grants to recipients in the music sector. The redistribution scheme developed by the consortium will support the green, digital, just and resilient recovery and post-Covid-19-crisis development of the European music ecosystem. Deadline for application: 30 October 2020
→ More information here
Erasmus+ call
New Erasmus+ calls have been released for strategic partnerships on Digital Education Readiness (in the fields of school education, vocational education and training, and higher education) and on Creativity (in the fields of youth, school education and adult education).
Deadline for application is 29 October 2020
→ You will find more information from p117 here
Voices of Culture call
Voices of culture are looking for experts working in the field of Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals to reflect on the challenges and opportunities during their dialogue meetings.
Deadline for application is 11 October 2020
→ More information here
Cultural projects in Outermost Regions and Overseas Territories
The European Commission launched a call for proposals worth €1 million to support artists, cultural organisations and institutions in the EU Outermost Regions as well as in the Overseas Countries and Territories. The grant will support a minimum of 45 projects with a maximum amount of €20,000 each.
→ More information here
Updates on EMC projects
What's new in SHIFT?
The EMC is coordinator in the project SHIFT, an Erasmus+ funded project with 8 other partners. The partners have been researching on cultural leadership, environmental sustainability, gender & power-relations and inclusion in regards to the UN SDGs. You can find the latest findings in our last newsletters here and here. More to come soon!
MOST training is starting
MOST is a project funded by Creative Europe where the EMC is a partner together with eight other organisations. The mission of MOST is to boost the music market of the Balkans, by connecting and supporting actors of the world music scene. In the first stage of the project, participants have been selected in the four pillars of the project: Balkan Music Export, Festival Exchange, Urban Policies and Management. Find out more on the MOST website and Facebook page.
Creative SHIFT towards a sustainable creative community
The EMC is partner with other 6 organisations for a new project, Creative SHIFT, which aims to build a sustainable creative community and further initiate cross-sector and cross-country collaboration to create a thriving and resilient ecosystem for content innovation in the European Union. The project is moving fast and we've already created a Community of Content Innovation Pioneers that will enjoy our online events starting this week!
→ More information here
Mark your calendars
Looking Ahead to...?
► 8 October, 16:30 - 19:30 CEST
The Creative Europe Desk Kultur in Germany organises the online conference "Looking Ahead - New opportunities and visions within EU funding for cultural after COVID-19" on the occassion of the German EU Council Presidency. The conference will focus on the support measures during and after COVID-19 but also on the new cycle of EU programmes. The speakers include Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture and the Media as well as other representatives of the European Commission and experts.
→ The Zoom link will be available on the day of the event here
Matchmaking with Creative Europe
Twelve Creative Europe Desks from across Europe organise a series of online events on "Matchmaking with Creative Europe". The aim is to help with finding international project partners and exchange experiences. Each event will focus on a different theme:
► 13 October "Digitalization in culture"
► 5 November "Gender equality in arts"
► 26 November "Green culture"
Due to limited places, only selected applicants will be able to participate. Deadline for application is 4 October. If your country is not listed in the registration form, please choose a neighbouring country.
→ Register here
1st October you said?
Today it's the International Music Day!
Join JM International's celebration on 1 October at 17:00 CEST with various performances together with the International Music Council!
→ Programme and event to be found here
#ThrowbackThursday to last year's WFM in Paris which ended with a great session on Freedom of expression on International Music Day! → Go back to memories' land here #FiveMusicRights
Fall Webinar Series: Believe in music
NAMM Foundation started a new virtual event and global gathering: Believe in Music Week. The event, which aims to unify and support people who bring music to the world, includes some webinars that are taking place from September to December.
→ Registration open here.
Safe Havens Global Stream 2020
Safe Havens is a once-a-year conference opportunity where arts and human rights activists share and use their experience. This year it will take place virtualy as Safe Havens Global Stream from 11-13 November and 3 December.
Registration open until 15 October 2020
→ Register here
The Economic Impact of Public Radio's Music Activities
The music activities of public radio stations in Europe have a massive economic impact and support a lot of jobs. EBU together with Oxford Economics have published a report on the Economic Impact of Public Radio’s Music Activities.
→ Read the report here.
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