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July 29, 2019
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Hop into our time travel machine back to June, where EAM stories were exchanged in warm and sunny Poland. Stop. Close your eyes. Hop back we are travelling to the future. Open your eyes you are now in Paris in the middle of the Five Music Rights...
Throwback to the European Agenda For Music Showcase: Share Your Story!
Photos: Simona Supino

On the outlook of the European Agenda For Music

From 12-13 June the EMC held in cooperation with the Polish Music Council a Showcase for the European Agenda for Music (EAM) in Warsaw, Poland.
But why organise a showcase event for a cultural policy document?
→ The EAM aims to be a “living document” a document that is used and not put in drawers, therefore, the EMC invited its members to give insight in how they use the EAM – to provide a model for others and to inspire what is possible with cultural policy.
From the given presentations one could see three different approaches how the EAM is used:
The EAM opens doors to
Political decision makers
The EAM can serve as a door opener to start conversations with policy makers, showing that a wide range of European organisations support these goals, is helpful in making one's voices heard.
To make the EAM relevant on national level, it is also important to have several language versions available, currently it is in Dutch, French, Latvian, Polish and the original language of the text English.
The EAM inspires to
Define strategies
Key themes, priorities and suggested measures from the EAM can be adapted for the strategy of one's organisation.
The EAM connects to
Already existing projects
In the frame of the Showcase, projects were presented that have already been in place for many years, before the EAM started, the projects presented have a clear connection to the European Agenda for Music, e.g. with the topic of gender equality and access to music.
Next to such presentations, the showcase gave room for various round table discussions that invited all the participants to speak and share their view on the EAM but also on other related topics. Participants discussed in groups suggested measures of the EAM – many of them included activities that the music sector can implement to achieve the aims of the EAM.
Photos: Simona Supino
6th Wolrd Forum on Music

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