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August 28, 2019
Let us be your guide through the vibrant 6th World Forum on Music Programme

Opening Cocktail

The 6th World Forum on Music (WFM) welcome evening will set the atmosphere of the about-to-start conference. It will be the opportunity to welcome participants with music, food and drinks and have a first get-together in La Bellevilloise. The 2019 Music Rights Awards Ceremony – sponsored by BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts – will take place during this evening; it will offer a unique opportunity to learn about the winning project.
All the participants will be invited to cruise at the first sounds of the 6th WFM and make sure to meet old and new faces. The Opening Cocktail will give all guests the opportunity to either continue their evening in the city of Merveilles or to prepare oneself in calm for the very full three days.
When? On 28 September - 19:00

Second Right – Music Education for all

This session explores the right for all children and adults to learn musical languages and skills from a social justice perspective. We will address a range of challenging social settings, including music for women in Afghanistan; music for prisoners in the USA; music for young refugee/immigrant children in Australia; music for survivors of a devastating earthquake in China; recruiting a broad range of ethnic student populations into opera performance education in South Africa; the pursuit of diversity in school music programmes world-wide.
⇒ Discover the confirmed speakers: Dr. Ahmad Sarmast (Afghanistan) will speak on his work of restoring music education in Afghanistan; Dr. Mary Cohen (USA) introducing the project of choirs opening doors for adult prisoners; Dr. Kathryn Marsh (Australia) will present how music can heal refugee and immigrant communities; Dr. Shibin Zhou (China) will address the issue of rebuilding children's lives through music; and Mr. Lungile Jacobs (South Africa) discussing about how to diversify a University Opera Programme. Dr. Sheila Woodward (South Africa/USA) and Dr. Marina Gall from the European Association for Music in Schools will kick off discussions with the audience on how to diversify school music programmes. Learn more about them!
→ The session is curated by Dr Sheila Woodward (South Africa/USA), IMC Vice President.
When? On 30 September - 14:00-17:30

Third Right - Musical Involvement for all

Involvement in music is many things to many people. For some, it is simply listening to or experiencing music; for many, it is participating in and expressing their own culture, playing musical instruments, singing in their own language or others, moving with and dancing to music. It is also related to the creation of original music and the preserving and development of musical traditions and, in many ways, to know music, to know about music and to have access to knowledge about music.
⇒ Meet the confirmed speakers: IMC Music Rights Champions Arn Chorn-Pond (Cambodia) will share his experience on how he became an advocate for musical involvement for all; Tabu Osusa (Kenya) will speak about access to music information; and Mary Luehrsen (USA) will share in an interview her experience with the Third Right. In a panel moderated by Sonja Greiner (Germany), Arthur Gill (Pakistan), Carl Jones (Ireland), Mariam Obange (Kenya) and Maria Claudia Parias (Colombia) will discuss on the level of access to music in their countries and much more. Learn more about them!
→ The session is curated by Allin Gray (Ireland), member of the IMC Executive Board.
When? On 29 September - 10:00-13:00
To be continued...

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The World Forum on Music is organised by the International Music Council (IMC) in cooperation with the European Music Council (EMC) and NAMM as Major Event Partner, it will take place from Saturday, 28 September until Tuesday 1 October in La Bellevilloise in Paris, France.

→ For any enquiries, please contact wfm6[at]imc-imc[dot]org
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