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Polifonia is a Thematic Network supported by the European Union. Polifonia deals with music education and training and the Bologna Process; it was coordinated by AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen). EMC representatives to the Polifonia working group were EMC Chairman Timo Klemettinen and former Board member Einar Solbu.


Fair Music
To empower musical artists to obtain just attribution of and remuneration for their work the IMC and EMC support the Fair Music campaign, which was launched by the Music Information Centre Austria (mica).
The EMC strongly supported this initiative. EMC Secretary General Ruth Jakobi was appointed jury member of the first fair music Award in 2008.

Diverse Projekte & Plattformen 2

The Laboratory of European Cultural Cooperation
coordinated by ECF (European Cultural Foundation)
LabforCulture aimed to provide access to opportunities for transnational cultural cooperation and stimulate intercultural dialogue across Europe and was replace by ECFlab. A multilingual web portal delivered a practical service to artists, cultural practitioners, researchers, journalists and policymakers.


DoReMiFaSocrates, coordinated by AEC, aimed at collecting and presenting information about activities in the field of music in the framework of LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME, the programme for education of the European Union.