WGY Activities 2008 - 2013

The Youth Committee worked closely with other youth committees and organisations and was represented on the Youth Advisory Group of the International Music Council. In 2012, the bulk of the committee activity as a group was to present the Manifesto at various different events and platforms. Here are some of the main activities:

In 2013 the Youth Committee hosted a Youth Day at the European Forum on Music in Glasgow in April. More information.

Activities 2010-2011 & Access! project

The aim of the Access! project, which ran from 2010-2011, was to give young people in Europe who are involved in music a voice in their future. Musicians, managers, musicologists and pedagogues starting out on their career have an important role to play in the shaping of the European music sector but are often sidelined and do not have access to the information and help they need. The Access! project aimed to address this, and led to the development of the Manifesto for Youth and Music in Europe.

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Activities in 2009

Activities in 2008