Meet the EMC Fellows for the next two years 2018-2020 !

Melitta Gyüdi (HU)

Melitta Gyüdi (Hungary) is the Protocol Officer of the Hungarian State Opera, Budapest. As part of the Marketing and Communications team, she is responsible for sponsorship, awards, and the Eternal Members and Master Artists of the institution. She studied International Relations and European Law and she's preparing her MA degree in Cultural Heritage Studies.

“The European Music Council's Fellowship Programme provides me a unique opportunity to synthesize my work, my passion for – not only classical – music and my studies in European Law and Cultural Heritage. I am looking forward to hear eye-opening speeches, to contribute with my experiences to deep discussions on the past, the present and the future of European Music and to meet inspiring professionals. Coming from Bartók and Kodály's country, and especially in this European Year of Cultural Heritage, I find it very important to emphasize our common role in discovering, recognizing and safeguarding the roots of our music.”

Gaianè Kevorkian (IT)

Gaianè Kevorkian is an ethnomusicologist, event organiser and video-maker. She is currently attending the Master course in Musicology among the University of Pavia. Her bachelor thesis, titled Oghene Damba: modes of self-representation in the performance of the asylum seekers from Casa dell’Accoglienza, was focused on music and migration process, issue that she simultaneously deepened during the MARS course project. In the field of event organisation she works as president of the Student’s Association of the Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage, thanks to which she co-founder Mosaico Festival, a people-oriented popular music festival in the centre of Cremona, and La Città Della Canzone, a workshop on songwriting that aims to promote young Italian musicians working on innovative and inclusive creative process. She collaborates with other festivals and musicians as organiser, graphic designer and video-maker, developing music videos and short documentaries, as well as logos, posters and social media content.

"The EMC Fellowship Program will certainly be a great opportunity for me to enrich my experience as music professional: during the events I’ll have the unique chance to get in touch and meet senior professionals and peers, that work in other countries for the same values and beliefs as mine, and I’ll be able to be introduced in the shared discussion around music and cultural policy, treasuring other’s experiences and abilities. My hope is to make available my experience and cultural context of origin to implement the network that EMC created, connecting peoples, organisations and knowledge, in order to actively collaborate to develop a reflection on musical culture and diversity."

Kasia Konciak (PL)

Katarzyna Konciak is a project manager in the field of music education connected with non-governmental organizations: Music is for Everyone Foundation, Jeunesses Musicales Poland and Music Gardens Foundation, based in Poland. She organises festivals, conferences and workshops for musicians and music teachers. She is currently working with educators and musicians on experimental programmes of music education for young people and adults. She is also vice director at Polish Association of Music Education.

"Fellowship in European Music Council will be great networking opportunity and solid base for my future international collaborations. I am honoured to be a part of this network of experts from all around Europe and have chance to increase my knowledge and experience."

Laura Leslie (UK)

Laura Leslie is the Membership Officer at the Scottish Music Centre (SMC) in Glasgow, where she works closely with musicians to promote their work and support music-making across a range of projects in Scotland and abroad. She studied music at the University of Glasgow, focusing on Performance and Critical Theory.

"Attending the European Forum on Music in Paphos last year demonstrated to me the possibilities for collaboration between organisations across Europe and reaffirmed my strong interest in cultures and the chance to learn from new experiences. I was excited and inspired by the wide range of projects and topics being debated, and I really benefited from the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues and those at the same stage as I am. I am grateful for the chance to be part of the EMC’s Fellowship programme and I am looking forward to continuing to contribute to the network and to exchanging ideas with my peers."

Pekka Löhönen (FI)

Pekka Löhönen is a freelance musician and an educator. His work career includes working as a musician and composer in theatres, various bands and orchestras in Finland. As an educator his main focus is on cooperative learning in group studies and especially in bands. He has also taken part in student union parliament and in student associations his main assignment being the promotion of interests for students. He’s been working as an educator in multiple cross over art projects in Finland with people who come from very different backgrounds.

”I’m looking forward to meet new people and get new contacts in Europe by participating in the Fellows program. I would also like to learn about the music policies in Europe and research the future future of music from various perspectives. I’m hoping to get involved with people who are willing to discuss about the issues they see but are also willing to find solutions for the possibly existing problems.”

Iro Menegou (GR)

Iro Menegou is a pianist and a project manager in the field of classical and contemporary music, with a background in economics. She works as a piano and music theory teacher and is member of several organizing festivals teams.
As a member of ''eξis trio'' and ''methexis quartet'' which focus in contemporary music she collaborates with composers presenting first perfomances. She has also participated in many music festivals with the cinematic music ensemble ''Bouche Fermée''.
Her recent project is called ''Women Composing in Balkans'' and is addressed to female composers of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania under the support of Goethe Institut.

"The European Music Council is a great umbrella that can support the willing and active
musicians to share their musical influences, widen their network and exchange ideas
about music communication. This co-existence is valuable and can provide the
participants with great pieces of advice who can spread this knowledge to further music
societies. Music exploration is endless and music combination is priceless and I hope to
meet both experiences as an ECM fellow."

Anastasija Zihareva (NL)

Anastasija Zihareva is a 25-year-old art director and manager of various projects that are covering three factors: culture, media and international relations.
Born and raised in Riga, Latvia, Anastasija has spent some time living in Berlin, Rhodos and now for the past five years in the Dutch multicultural city of Groningen. Anastasija is mostly dedicated to developing projects for the local government that use arts & culture as an integration and connection tool between people. In addition to that she is working with various cultural organisations in the Netherlands, helping them shape their brand and establish meaningful relationships with their old & new audiences. After “testing” ways of promoting music and culture in the Netherlands, Anastasija is ready to create more music & culturally - connecting initiatives at European level.

"I’m incredibly excited to become part of the EMC fellowship programme! The first generation of the fellows have already set amazing expertizes & cooperations and, together with my new fellow participants, I’m looking forward to make the most out of this ambitious programme. I believe that connecting the energy &  ideas of young  culture professionals with the experience & opportunities of the EMC will have a fruitful impact on the horizonts of participants as well as overall music climate in Europe."