Benefits for the sending organisation

  • Sending a Board or staff member from your organisation will enable you to make known the work of your organisation to the host and in its city, region and country. Use the opportunity to present as many of your activities as possible.
  • Share and learn: The person you are sending will bring back a lot of new ideas with them about project and office management that might help the further development of your own organisation
  • The host organisation might have a similar political agenda to yours. Why not join forces to create ajoint action?
  • You are developing a cooperation project and looking for partners? This is the perfect opportunity to get to know another music council and seek partners for your activities.
  • Your host might have different contacts on the political and cultural level, which may be useful to you.
  • Motivate the people you are working with. Travelling and getting an insight into other working structures is always a great personal experience. The person you send will come back with a lot of new inspiration.
  • Meet the other individuals and organisations that took part in the programme at the EFM in Oslo.