Details on the themes

The project STAMP was created to advocate for the benefits of cooperation and networking in the music sector, mainly targeting Central, Eastern and South-East Europe. The project aims at developing exemplary tools for ongoing professional training such as workshop models, online learning tools or guidelines for mentors and trainers; the project will thus contribute to improving employability and entrepreneurship.

Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CESEE) are musically rich regions with long-standing music traditions and innovative approaches. Highly qualified musicians and music professionals offer a wide range of musical activities and music organisations in this region are active in a broad range of disciplines.
At the same time, a lack of know-how in effective networking and fruitful international cooperation has often been expressed; even the benefits of networking do not seem to be recognised by all. To fill this gap the European Music Council has launched the STAMP project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

STAMP addresses 5 main themes:

Online course in Entrepreneurship

The online course, comprising 10 webinar sessions, addresses a variety of topics relevant to STAMP themes including:

  • Knowledge of context (different needs for different markets, social groups and educational and sociocultural contexts),
  • Communication skills,
  • Personal development,
  • Professional development and branding skills,
  • Understanding and facilitating cooperation between the business and cultural/social sectors,
  • Development of entrepreneurial “mind-set”.

Each webinar was live – participants were able to ask questions and debate during the webinar – the recordings are available online here for streaming.

Festival and Event Management

YEMP (Young Even Management Programme) is an existing training model for young managers in the choral world. A group of young managers are selected to attend a major festival a week before it starts for a weekend of “theoretical” training. They are then placed in different departments of the festival, with responsibility, and do “on the job training”. They have “coaches” who visit and advise them and to whom they turn in case of difficulties/questions.

YEMP has been adapted for STAMP as a model training activity in festival/event management. Over 5 days, participants will be trained to implement a YEMP programme.
In the frame of STAMP, the partners in the project shall be able to propose candidates from outside of the choral field, and five of them will be included in the 25 YEMPers. In addition the Estonian Academy of Music and the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat will cooperate with the EUROPA CANTAT festival and offer a training workshop for trainers, presenting YEMP as a win-win-model for the training of young managers. Further features in connection with STAMP will be a more intensive online preparation of the YEMP-participants which will include a series of streamed webinars prepared in the frame of STAMP. Read more information here

Audience Development

To address the vast topic of audience development, three main approaches are currently discussed as being focused by the STAMP project:

  • Digital outreach

  • Interacting with young audiences

  • Interdisciplinary Approach – music combined with video

On-site visit to a performance showcasing the implementation of successful, innovative audience-building techniques will be part of the activity.

Social Inclusion for Disadvantaged Youth

This theme targets the development of a model for music as tool for working with disadvantaged youth. Various activities will explore music making, pedagogy and intersecting fields (i.e. music therapy, applied ethnomusicology, etc.) Special attention will be given to different methods of oral transmission of music often used by minority cultures. 

International Cooperation and Networking

A 5-day management workshop in Cesis in September 2017 provided training for staff of music organisations to become mentors for colleagues in their region or professional field. The course focused on developing skills in working with other regions and nations, and improving networking as a tool for increasing a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

The main project outcomes funded through the Erasmus+ grant are models for ongoing professional training connected to the five main themes. Concrete training modules as well as project results and learning material were presented online and in physical multiplying events + an additional data base for trainers and learners will allow the entire music sector to directly benefit from STAMP. A STAMP certificate will be awarded for successful participation in one of the training events.

If you are interested in further information on STAMP, please contact the EMC head office in Bonn.