SWAP – Sharing Wisdom Adding Perspective

We are excited to introduce the new EMC programme: SWAP – Sharing Wisdom Adding Perspective. The programme, starting in October 2022, is addressed to EMC members and fellows.

The SWAP programme is the outcome of multiple exchanges between the EMC secretariat, EMC board, and EMC members regarding potential opportunities of peer-to-peer learning programmes for EMC members. Analysing your feedback from the EMC Lab and other occasions, we have developed SWAP. The programme embodies an interactive, continuous, and multilateral approach to peer-to-peer exchange to create a knowledge hub for all participants.

The programme will consist of three focus groups, each one centred on a specific area: advocacy, communication, and data collection. Every group will gather online three times over the course of one year to exchange knowledge and experiences with the aim of facilitating a mutual learning process. The first meeting will take place in October. Each meeting will last two hours.

The programme will also give you access to a dedicated online platform to engage in a continuous dialogue on the selected topics. You may choose to participate in one or more groups, and several team or board members of an EMC member organisation may participate in the same or in different groups. However, once a group is established, a certain continuity of each individual participant registered is expected to enable the best benefit for all.

If you are interested in taking part in the programme, please register here.

The kick-off meeting with registered participants from all groups took place on 25 October from 10-12 CEST. The next working group meetings will be organised in January/February 2023.