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Have your say in the Online Open Consultation!

The aim in developing a European Agenda for Music (EAM) is to bring together the diverse voices of the European music sector to determine a common vision and strategy for the future. The European Music Council has worked intensely to consult and hear from as many voices as possible, across Europe and across the music sector - and continues to do so. In the European music sector, we have many different viewpoints and interests, but we share one common goal: a thriving music sector that continues to play an essential role in the European landscape.

 We are now seeking your feedback to this draft. The final version of the EAM shall be released in spring 2018, after this consultation. We have created an online open consultation to give you the opportunity to comment on content and structure of the draft EAM. Please read the instructions on the first page of the survey carefully:

EAM Online Open Consultation

You can read the draft EAM either on the dedicated website OR as linear text in a pdf-document.

The proposal is based on a manifesto and 9 key themes covering the main issues that came up in the discussions over the past years. Seven working groups set up according to different sections of the music sector met on several occasions to reflect and debate on their specific topics. They produced recommendations and reports which served as a base to determine common principles and objectives.

This document (pdf) gives you an overview of the complete Online Open Consultation to help you prepare. You may of course consult with your own constituency (members, colleagues etc.) prior to completing the online consultation form.

The Open Online Consultation will remain open until January 5, 2018.

If you encounter any problems with the survey or have any questions regarding its completion, please contact us at eam(at)emc-imc.org


The European Agenda on Music will bring together the whole music sector, allowing it to join voices. It will be a platform for collaboration and exchange. Initiated by the European Music Council, coordination will remain with the EMC, however the Agenda itself is a document owned by everyone involved.

The aim of the document is for the sector to put forward its own priorities which will improve the situation of music in Europe: What do we want the sector to look like in 10 – 15 years from now?

The European Commission has expressed a desire for there to be more cooperation between the various cultural disciplines, however it is important that the specifics and needs of each individual sector be highlighted, which can be done with the Agenda.  Should the European Union or national governments want to make decisions concerning music in the future, the Agenda will provide them with a thorough document (and a united sector) to which they can refer.

The EMC and partners in this venture are the voice of music in Europe. With the publication of UNESCO’s Hangzhou Declaration, culture, and therefore the culture sector is taking a more prominent position in policies at international level. It is therefore important that the music sector is prepared to respond to international enquires when required.

Want to know more...

Please get in touch if you wish to learn more or want to get involved in the process or have your say in the Open Online Consultation!

In order to have a well-balanced document that will reflect all sectors of the European music life, work on the European Agenda for Music is not restricted to the EMC member organisations but also involves music actors that are not part of the EMC membership base.