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February 02, 2022
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Great Partners - Great Initiatives - Great Results
We are very proud to present to you the final outcomes of SHIFT - Shared Initiatives For Training. SHIFT was a two-year cooperation project of nine cultural networks and platforms coordinated by the European Music Council and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European-Union.
After many challenges including the ongoing pandemic, we have managed to conduct various researches and to produce guidelines, fact sheets, interviews, a knowledge base and so much more to help cultural organisations in strongly engaging with three of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Discover the Toolkit

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This publication comprises resources and tools from a wide spectrum of expertise and learnings, from SHIFT partners as well as from other cultural operators and research projects. It offers a handy toolkit for the reader looking for specific aspects of cultural leadership, or for more resources, tips or learnings by other cultural leaders.

What else?
Annotated Bibliography
Compendium coming up soon
Translations in French coming up soon
→ With Trans Europe Halles as topic leader and publications' editor

Make use of the Available Resources

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Achieving environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our century. Humankind needs to change the way it interacts with the environment to ensure that the living world can support the needs of future generations. Scientific facts underline the urgency of the situation. We believe joint commitment and action by leaders around the world are crucial elements in achieving a shift in all aspects of society.
What is there to find?
Fact Sheets on Green Certifications and Carbon Calculators
Annotated Bibliography
► Information on guidelines and certification scheme coming up soon
→ With ELIA as topic leader and publications' editor

Read the publication on #MeToo in the Arts - From Call-outs to Structural Change

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Through research and main observations, this SHIFT publication starts by nuancing some preconceptions about the status quo of Gender and Power Relations in the arts. Using a transnational, cross-border approach, the publication also puts forward recommendations and solution-oriented strategies for the arts sector in general – and European cultural networks in particular – for combating sexual harassment and power abuse, and creating equitable and safe environments in the arts.
What else?
Key Findings
Annotated Bibliography
Translations in French
→ Produced by IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts as topic leader, On the Move, and FACE

Dive into the Handbook

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The SHIFT Inclusion Handbook is designed to support cultural networks and organisations of all kinds in navigating and engaging with the topic of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It is conceived as a reference book  rather than something to be read from start to finish – although there is nothing to stop you doing this! Nevertheless, many of the concepts used in the publication are laid out in the first chapter, so it is worth beginning there.

What else?
Interview Series
Annotated Bibliography
Translations in French
► Article on Cultural Projects to be published soon
→ With European Choral Association as topic leader and publications' editor
Find all our Resources and Publications in the Artsmetric Knowledge Base
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The partners of the SHIFT project have compiled some of the most current resources on cultural leadership, environmental sustainability, gender and power relations, and inclusion. More than 250 resources were gathered by SHIFT partners for the Artsmetric Knowledge Base, a digital platform developed by Trans Europe Halles.
Check out the SHIFT Final Event recordings
Picture of participants at the online SHIFT Final Event on 1 December 2021
The SHIFT Final Event organised online, on 1 December 2021, by the European Music Council was an opportunity for the SHIFT partners to present their project results.
You will find the recordings of the four presentations here below:
Cultural Leadership Presentation
Environmental Sustainability Presentation
Gender and Power Relations Presentation
Inclusion Presentation
What do the partners say?

Sonja Greiner, Secretary General & Sophie Dowden, Project and Fundraising Manager

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"The SHIFT project gave us the opportunity to delve into cultural leadership and 3 SDGs that represent critical topics for our sector and the world. These topics have only grown in importance over the course of the project. The knowledge and skills we gained have empowered us to lay the path for training in our sector with the aim of promoting a process of positive change."

Maria Hansen, Executive Director

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“The SHIFT project connects to ELIA’s strategic focus and therefore touches the core of what our network is all about. In that sense, training with colleagues has been transformational. The most important aspect may have been the focus on the topic of leadership, as leadership is crucial with regard to the SDGs and implementing change.”

Manuela Matran, Secretary General

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"I am very happy that I had the great opportunity to work on the SHIFT project with cultural leaders from top European organisations. Even though it was not easy to adapt to the changes that the COVID crisis brought, I had wonderful colleagues that helped with cheering up my mood during online meetings and made it feel almost like we were discussing face to face. I got encouraged to think outside the box when facing difficult situations. All this helped me in expanding my horizons.
In this two years journey, I learned a lot about topics that EMCY was not considering as a priority and changed our objectives towards more sustainable, inclusive and equitable projects."

Yohann Floch, President

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“SHIFT has been such a rich and empowering journey - I think all the partners grew during this collaborative experience: we could deepen our relationships and mutual understanding as well as work closely together on how to best address SDGs and how to support progress in such important global issues.
We were very pleased to engage in this learning process and create what we think are concrete, useful and relevant tools to help both ourselves and other European cultural organisations embrace structural change. It might be the end of the project but it feels as we are starting an entirely new chapter in our development, this project really helped us to put things in motion, to “walk the talk”.
The different phases of the project, from research and data collection steps to training activities, the regular sharing of takeaways with the Culture field led to deliver outputs that are meaningful and robust, that can be easily contextualized and adopted. We had at heart always keep in mind the many nuances, contexts or backgrounds of future users while to delving into complex issues such as gender-based violence or climate action.”

Ása Richardsdóttir, Secretary General

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"SHIFT has been an important process and project where nine networks joint forces and worked towards valuable improvements for our cultural sector.”

Silja Fischer, Secretary General & Davide Grosso, Project Manager

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"SHIFT had a real impact on our organisation, its vision and actions. We have learned a lot and we are already implementing the lessons learned for a deep structural change. "

Marie Le Sourd, Secretary General

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"Without playing too much with words, the SHIFT project has really allowed us to shift our mindset and more importantly our practices on key transversal issues that we were either involved with (mobility and environmental sustainability), gender issues (with a stronger focus put on sexual harassment in the arts and cultural sector in Europe) or inclusion / accessibility particularly with regards to our publications and website. The best award for us is that the work is still to be continued on those issues through ongoing projects and/or conversations particularly with colleagues and friends from European cultural networks."
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Ruth Jakobi, Secretary General & Carolyn Auclair, Project Officer
"The EMC is proud to have been the coordinator of SHIFT, which enhanced shifts already happening and also paved the way for more and new changes. We are very happy to finally be able to share with you the results of our hard work. Working together on subjects that are close to our hearts with great partners has been an incredibly enriching learning experience and a wonderful cooperation."
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You might think it is the end now but in fact it is just the beginning... you will be hearing more on how we have been using all the material produced and warmly encourage you to do so as well!
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