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We work to improve the general conditions for music life in Europe.


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EAM Showcase & Tools

The EMC organised a European Agenda For Music Showcase in Warsaw on 12-13 June!

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Publication of the STAMP developed tools, guidelines & online training on how to transform your career with music with 9 European partners

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European Election night: #thistimeimvoting

Our EMC fellow Anastasija Zihareva, on behalf of her project Here & Now, was responsible for co-organizing the event, making sure its programme is attractive to the young and international inhabitants of the city. 
She co-organised an entertaining, yet meaningful European Election night with: music, stand-up comedy and talk shows,guide to the EU and political debates with each local party, the night culminated with the opening of the first election office in the EU allowing the 'pre-party' visitors to vote at 00:00 !
Former EMC fellow, Merlijn Poolman, was also involved, presenting his WWI project Brüder, explaing the link between music, WWI and the EU we live in today. 
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