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We work to improve the general conditions for music life in Europe.


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Successful 8th European Forum on Music in Oslo, Norway!

It was a  wonderful 8th European Forum on Music in Oslo, Norway with interesting panels, fruitiful discussions and a very diverse musical programme.
Looking Back - Looking Forward

Following the European Forum on Music, the Annual Meeting of Members of the EMC took place on 10 June 2018, where a new EMC Board was elected.

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Blockchain & Classical Music

Our member the Callias Foundation would like to share with you this amazing project: The first fully blockchain driven music platform with a digital ecosystem where artists get paid the next day with 'Notes' - a 'Token' based on the cryptocurrency 'Ethereum'. The Silk Road Symphony Orchestra is one of the first orchestras on this platform and the first orchestra which is stepping into the world of blockchain in the growing 'Choon Family'. A very diverse community of independent artists behind and a team of generous supporters who give a 'Tip' in 'Notes' when they like a recording they discovered in a playlist.



The 5 Music Rights

We achieve that by

  1. Activating the Music Sector
  2. Strengthening the Music Sector
  3. Connecting with and beyond the Music Sector