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We work to improve the general conditions for music life in Europe.


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Successful Launch of the European Agenda for Music!

More than 100 music sector stakeholders and representatives from the European Parliament and European Commission gathered in Brussels on March 21st to celebrate the launch of the European Agenda for Music (EAM).

The European Agenda for Music (EAM) was developed out of a continent-wide consultation launched by the European Music Council (EMC). Reaching out to the entire music sector, it identifies the sector’s collective needs and sets out priorities for the future. A powerful confirmation of the European music sector’s desire to join together in the promotion of a common cause, the Agenda details which directions to pursue in order to ensure a music sector that remains strong, fair, innovative and diverse in a rapidly changing world.


Knowledge is Power

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STAMP - Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals

This project is led by the EMC and involves 9 partners, of which 7 are EMC members.

The Erasmus+ project provides vocational training in the topics of festival management, entrepreneurship in music, audience development, networking and international cooperation and working with disadvantaged youth. By the end of the year you can access for free a handbook on audience development, a guide to hold a workshop on networking and international cooperation, a guide on how to include volunteers in event management beneficial for all sides and a handbook on how to work with disadvantaged youth musically.


The 5 Music Rights

We achieve that by

  1. Activating the Music Sector
  2. Strengthening the Music Sector
  3. Connecting with and beyond the Music Sector