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We work to improve the general conditions for music life in Europe.


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Culture at the Heart of Europe

Supporting Culture is Supporting Europe - National governments and EU policymakers are currently taking decisions on the post 2020 EU budget that will influence the next phase of support to culture. Culture Action Europe calls on the European Institutions and Member States to recognise the EU added value of cultural investment and translate it to sufficient support in the next EU budget. - Ensure that 1% of the budget of each EU policy field is allocated to culture - Double the budget for culture Sign the Manifesto

See statements from the Alliance for Culture and the Arts here.

See the Advocacy work from Culture Action Europe here.


Knowledge is Power

Make sure to be updated on the latest news. The EMC will provide you with the most relevant informations e.g. concerning EU policies or the latest updates on vocational training available.

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STAMP - Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals

This project is led by the EMC and involves 9 partners, of which 7 are with EMC members.

The Erasmus+ project provides vocational training in the topics of festival management, entrepreneurship in music, audience development, networking and international cooperation and working with disadvantaged youth. By the end of the year you can access for free a handbook on audience development, a guide to hold a workshop on networking and international cooperation, a guide on how to include volunteers in event management beneficial for all sides and a handbook on how to work with disadvantaged youth musically.


The 5 Music Rights

We achieve that by

  1. Activating the Music Sector
  2. Strengthening the Music Sector
  3. Connecting with and beyond the Music Sector