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MOST - The Complex Strategy to develop the Balkan World Music Scene

MOST aims to improve the world music market of the Balkans with audience development, professional training, export support, mobility of artists and professionals, event management, platform development, policy suggestions and pilot projects.
The Balkan region has powerful and high-quality music traditions and musicians while underperforming its potential on the global market. It will address several different challenges, such as the lack of professional competences, booking agents, managers, facilitators; the international misperception regarding music coming from the Balkans; the limited number of internationally successful artists being managed abroad; the lack of policy frameworks, funding programs, export initiatives and professionals being disconnected in a strongly networked global world music community.

The project takes the challenge to tackle these issues by tailor made programs. Widespread music management trainings in 9 countries; exchange programs; policy papers and pilot programs; conferences; complex international export support for artists and finally, to launch the first regional world music showcase for the region. All this to give an initial boost for the world music sector in the Balkans that can help developing a sustainable model for future development.

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Main partner: Hangveto
Other partners:
- Bozar
- Piranha Arts
- Songlines
- European Music Council
- Foundation Exit
- Timisoara 2021
- Bulgarian Music Association
- “ReK” Remont Kapital Culture Center




CreativeShift - Bringing content value to a next level

Creative Shift aims to build a sustainable creative community and further initiate cross-sector and cross-country collaboration to create a thriving and resilient ecosystem for content innovation in the European Union. Taking inspiration from the technology and start-up sectors, this project will provide services supporting the creation, sharing and transfer of knowledge, to experiment on how to best incubate and accelerate content-driven new approaches, services, products and business models.

The main goal of the project is the creation of a sustainable community for cultural content innovation, that consists in three main activities:

  • Content Innovation Platform (CIP): a digital platform with knowhow on innovation in the content sector, demonstrations of innovative prototypes as well as exchange and collaboration tools for a community of creative pioneers.
  • Community of Content Innovation Pioneers (CCIP): a cross-sectorial European network of start-up entrepreneurs, creators, professionals from established content companies and the tech industry as well as investors.
  • Content Innovation Inspirathon (CII): one of many events fostering the whole innovation development process from identifying demands over ideation and prototyping to realising a market uptake by funding and cooperation.

You can find more information on the website here

Main partners of the project: Frankfurt Book Fair, Media Deals, Mediapro, Spielfabrique, Music Innovation Hub, Federation of European Publishers and European Music Council.






Rostrum+ was a cooperation project initiated by the International Music Council and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union which aimed to rethink the ways in which contemporary music connects with audiences through radio network by exploring new strategies to develop audiences, promote new music, enhance the skills of radio professionals and inspire cooperation between musicians, higher music education institutions and broadcasting companies throughout Europe and beyond.

More info on the project here !

See how the EMC was involved in Rostrum+ at the EFM in Wroclaw in 2016 here or in Oslo in 2018 here.