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You will find below the latest publications written on the European Music Council and its activities.

Deutsche Welle - Weltmusikforum in Paris: Wenn Musikern Folter und Exil droht

Issued September 2019

The freedom of music is under attack. Artists like the Iranian Farzane Zamen and the Egyptian Ramy Essam are not to be deterred. At the World Forum on Music they talk about bans, censorship and prison.

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das musikinstrument - The EMC's reception at the European Parliament

Issued February 2019

Throwback to the EMC reception on 18 February 2019 at the EU Parliament from the online business magasin das musikinstrument.
"Im Zuge der bevorstehenden Europawahlen organisierte der Europäische Musikrat am 18. Februar 2019 einen Empfang im Europäischen Parlament in Brüssel."

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European arts organisations defend music as a human right

Issued April 2018

The Arts Professional had a closer look on the European Agenda for Music.
" A new policy document – the European Agenda for Music (EAM) – stresses that music plays an important societal role around identity and inclusion, and recognises music’s “important” contribution to the economy."

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The European Agenda for Music Launch

Issued March 2018

The Internation Arts Manager Magazine reported about the launch event of the European Agenda for Music.
" The European Music Council has unveiled its European Agenda for Music (EAM). The goal is to identify the needs of the music sector and focus a diverse range of stakeholders around common causes."

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Music - a secret diplomatic tool?

Issued June 2017

Can music really build bridges of understanding amid conflicts? Participants at the 2017 European Forum on Music in Cyprus think so, though they admit that music can also become a weapon.
" The Pafos event will also look beyond Europe's borders at how to best strengthen ties with cultural influences considered external to Europe - and even try to change that image. "

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DW - Deutsche Welle looked at the post-Brexit future of musicians

Issued April 2017

EMC President Ian Smith was interviewed in regard of the impact of Brexit for classical musicians and international orchestras.
"If we use the language of music not just to communicate but to heal, I think we will be doing even in the smallest possible way a good thing for future generations," Smith said."

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