Events in 2015

Share and Learn: Audience Development Workshop

March 24 - 25, 2015, Warsaw, Poland

The EMC in cooperation with the Polish Music Council offered an interactive capacity building workshop for its members at the Sluzew Cultural Centre in Warsaw. The aim of this workshop was to investigate best practice models of audience development, participation and experience in the culture and music sector.

Since the music sector is highly diverse and has many sub-sectors, different models practiced by EMC members were presented and compared to determine similarities and differences: What can a community choir learn from a pop festival? How can music education help classical orchestras reach out to more people? What can a conservatoire learn from the marketing strategies of a live music venue?

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5th European Forum on Music

12-13 June, Riga, Latvia

Access to Music is digital?

Rather than just hearing about new technologies, markets or ways on how to improve an artist’s visibility through digital means, participants of the EMC’s 5th European Forum on Music, co-hosted by the Latvian Music Council, discussed the synergies between the digital world and ‘real life’. New technologies have greatly improved the way music and culture can be accessed.

The Forum looked into how new technologies facilitate the work of cultural institutions, how improved access to culture helps raise people’s interest in music, and explore the interplay between the digital world and the one away from the keyboard.

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