Activity Reports

The Activity Report 2020 is out!

Read our Activity Report of 2020 and learn what kept the EMC busy through the COVID-19 pandemic. From our events to the cultural policy: Get an insight on 2020! The central theme to the EMC 2020 activity report could prove to be survival. The entire music sector at every level has been hit very hard by the pandemic, with the first lockdowns taking place across Europe in March. The EMC has found a way of keeping our members not only informed, but through podcasts and members‘ lounges engaged personally online, to ensure that no-one was left out and everyone could contribute, sharing their experiences of best practice.

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If you would like to dive deeper into what the European Music Council (EMC) has been up to in the last years, here is some further reading. If you would like to have know more about what topics the EMC has been active on, our events page is a good source. The European Forum on Music is the annual conference that invites cultural stakeholders from politics and music for debates to stimulate the cultural sector. 

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