EMC publications

Here you will find all printed material that the EMC offers.

EMC's Activity Report

The EMC's Activity Report  will give you more insights on what the EMC is doing every year. Learn more about the events we are organising, at which music fair to meet us and on which policy issues we were working!

Snapshots on Music and Heritage in Europe

Snapshots on Music and Heritage in Europe, published in 2019, is a non-exhaustive overview on the wide range of musical expressions that exist in Europe and an eye-opener for those who thought cultural heritage is only old rocks. As a follow up of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) celebreated in 2018 by the EU, where the European Music Council (EMC) played an active role as advocate for intangible cultural heritage in the debate.

SOUNDS in Europe

SOUNDS in Europe is a magazine, which was issued annually from 2006 until 2017 and provided an overview on diverse music topics and cultural policy in Europe. Issues have had a look on cultural diplomacy, migration, sustainable impacts, e-culture, social change, music & development, social responsibility, creativity & innovation, access to music, music & the future and musical diversity and intercultural dialogue.

Music in Motion

Music in Motion is a study in the frame of the "ExTra! Exchange Traditions" project and was published in 2009. It deals with the musical activities of minorities and their impact on musical traditions in Europe. The book also provides model projects with a practical insight into the life and work with music of migrant and minority cultures across Europe.

You see, there is plenty to read!