Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals


Official STAMP website

The EMC and all STAMP partners are happy to celebrate with you the publication of our STAMP work. 
After two years of hard work, we are proud to share the STAMP developed tools, guidelines & online training on how to transform one's career with music.

STAMP responds to a need voiced by professionals in the music sector for greater professional training and the related process of lifelong learning and aimed at

  • Developing exemplary tools for vocational training (workshop models, guidelines for mentors and trainers), made available on the STAMP website.
  • Improving employability and entrepreneurship within the music sector in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe by networking opportunities and workshops.

The activities were organised around five main themes, for which different types of training models were produced:

► Online Course on Entrepreneurship in Music

11 webinars address a variety of topics relevant to music professionals in the 21st century. Also we have produced guidelines on how to hold a webinar yourself.

► Training Model for Festival and Event Management

Create a win-win situation for your volunteers and your festival. Learn what a Young Event Management Programme (YEMP) is and how to implement it to your festival or event.

► Training on Audience Development

In an ever-changing world we have to adapt constantly our communication strategy. This online handbook will help you to get an update of the current communication channels available and how to increase your audience for your events.

► Handbook on Social Inclusion for Disadvantaged Youth

Music can be a powerful tool to work with disadvantaged youth, get inspired and learn how to implement a multicultural approach within your music lessons. Disabilities can be evolved into strengths!

► Training on International Cooperation & Networking

Want to start your international cooperation project? Are you facing problems and want to find solutions to it? Our Online Course will guide you step by step!

► Database with Training in Music

Additionally an online learning platform was developed with Europe wide online courses, workshops and training.


The EMC has brought together the following partners experienced in providing training for music professionals: