MusicAIRE - An Innovative Recovery for Europe

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MusicAIRE is implemented by Inova+ and the European Music Council (EMC). The consortium develop two calls for proposals which supported the music ecosystem to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis in a green, digital and just and resilient way.

Overall, 51 projects were funded out of more than 700 applications. An overview of the funded projects is available on the MusicAIRE website. Funded projects received grants of 15.000 EUR, 30.000 EUR or 55.000 EUR. Overall, 2.2 million EUR were distributed to projects all over Europe.

In the process to develop the calls, the music sector was consulted through thinks-tanks put together through an open call for representatives of the music sector, an open questionnaire and interviews. This was especially important in light of one of the main tasks of the project, which is to test and to prepare new EU support schemes for the Creative Europe programme. Additionally, policy recommendations on future EU support for the music sector will be published at the end of the project early in 2024. A final event to celebrate the funded projects and discuss policy recommendations took place on 29 November 2023 in Brussels.

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MusicAIRE is co-funded by the Music Moves Europe Preparatory Action of the European Union.