5th European Forum on Music, Riga, 2015

Access to Music is digital?

5th European Forum on Music

Rather than just hearing about new technologies, markets or ways on how to improve an artist’s visibility through digital means, participants of the EMC’s 5th European Forum on Music, co-hosted by the Latvian Music Council, discussed the synergies between the digital world and ‘real life’. New technologies have greatly improved the way music and culture can be accessed. Today, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection anywhere in the world can experience a concert by a philharmonic orchestra in London, or view footage of a rock concert in Lisbon. At the same time, concert halls, festivals, arts centres and other institutions or events where people can experience music being performed live, meet and exchange with peers, practice and perform music or otherwise get involved in musical activities in person, are still of the uttermost importance for thriving musical communities and society as a whole. The Forum looked into how new technologies facilitate the work of cultural institutions, how improved access to culture helps raise people’s interest in music, and explore the interplay between the digital world and the one away from the keyboard.

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