European Music Council
September 11, 2019

First Right - Freedom of Expression

The right for all children and adults to express themselves musically in all freedom is something many of us – especially in Europe – take for granted, but sadly, that is not the case throughout the world and sometimes not even in Europe. In our session, we will be joined by distinguished guests who work with oppressed artists and by musicians who have themselves experienced the threat of imprisonment just for having created and performed music. We will demonstrate that even in 2019 we have a lot to learn about both freedom of expression and freedom of movement. The language of music should be universal in its power to inspire and heal. Please join us to share in our experience and be inspired yourselves to reach out to your communities to ensure that music is indeed available to us all.
⇒ Meet the confirmed speakers: The session on the 1st Music Right will be introduced by Jan Lothe Eriksen (Norway) and Ian Smith (United Kingdom). Followed by a panel session chaired by Louise Mitchell (UK) with Alison Russo (USA), Roufaida Aboutaleb (The Netherlands) and Phloeun Prim (Cambodia) on their respective experience and their work with freedom of musical expression. Music Rights Champion Ramy Essam (Egypt) and singer-songwriter Farzane Zamen (Iran) will then share how their right to create and perform music in freedom was prevented. Learn more about them!
→ The session is curated by EMC President Ian Smith (UK).
When? On 1 October - 9:00-12:30

Fourth Right - Artistry Development and Communication through all Media with Proper Facilities

This session promises to bring an insight on a global perspective of how individuals engage with music making and focuses on opportunities for all musical artists. This will be tackled from a variety of perspectives, including access to distribution channels and trends in professional training, which cover entrepreneurship and distance learning. Many new platforms and streaming services are promising the creative community an easy and cost-effective access to reach their targeted music customers and fans. But is the claim of equal distribution opportunities and easy access to the market holding its promises? Are creators from all over the world equal when facing access to market? Join us to find more about it!
⇒ Meet the confirmed speakers: Her Excellency Huda Alkhamis-Kanoo (UAE) will open the 4th Right with Her Keynote Speech. In a talk moderated by Didier Zerath (France), Christine Semba (France), Alfons Karabuda (Sweden) and Elise Phamgia (France) will discuss on access to equal music distribution opportunities and dissemination. Tia Korpe (Denmark) and Olfa Arfaoui (Tunisia) will talk about a DJ workshop for women in Tunisia, followed by a coffee break with live DJing. In a panel with Payam Susanni (Turkey), Balazs Weyer (Hungary), Emmanuel Mujuru (Zimbabwe) and Alex Ruthmann (USA) news trends in professional training, in particular entrepreneurship and distance learning, will be presented. IRCAM’s latest technological achievements will be demonstrated by Frederick Rousseau (France). Learn more about them!
→ The panel is curated by IMC President Emily Akuno (Kenya) and Jesse Boere (The Netherlands) member of the IMC Executive Board.
When? On 30 September - 09:00-12:30

Fifth Right – Just Recognition and Fair Remuneration

In order to have fair remuneration for all musical artists there has to be just recognition of their contribution to the musical ecosystem, but, besides that, there needs to be consciousness about the value of music. It is value for artists, for listeners and for the society as a whole. Join us in an in-depth discussion on the prerequisites for a thriving and diverse musical landscape, and how it can affect your society when the creatives, globally, are said to obtain an even stronger role in the future.
⇒ Meet the confirmed speakers: Alfons Karabuda (Sweden) will open the session, following by discussions with the Minister of Culture of Croatia Nina Obuljen Korzinek and UNESCO Assistant Director General for Culture, Ernesto Ottone Ramirez. A first panel with Irfan Aulia (Indonesia), Wally Badarou (France) and Solange Cesarovna (Cabo Verde) will focus on giving a global perspective on recognition and fair remuneration. A second panel featuring Amber Watts (Sweden), Vanessa Bertran (France) and Naomi Pohl (UK) will develop on the different needs and challenges within the musical ecosystem and explore what is meant by recognition. Learn more about them!
→ The session is curated by Alfons Karabuda (Sweden), IMC Executive Vice President.
When? On 29 September - 14:00-17:30

What else?

• The WFM will also host the 2019 Music Rights Award ceremony with the laureate the Scoil Úna Naofa Violin & Orchestra Project from Dublin (IE).
• Special feature of this year's Forum will be a rich exhibition on the long history of the International Music Council - a celebration of its 70 years!
• Next to this multi-facetted programme, participants will have the opportunity to meet peers in the IMC Village and exchange on their different activities, projects and perhaps continue the panels' discussions (speakers will be available). And to listen to various musical performances embedded throughout the Forum's programme.
Labelled WFM Concerts in the evenings will enable to all to choose according to their mood the night programme that suits them best in the City of Light.
Wondering about the other missing parts of the programme? Than you must've missed our last newsflash here!

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The World Forum on Music is organised by the International Music Council (IMC) in cooperation with the European Music Council (EMC) and NAMM as Major Event Partner, it will take place from Saturday, 28 September until Tuesday 1 October in La Bellevilloise in Paris, France.

→ For any enquiries, please contact wfm6[at]imc-imc[dot]org
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