Music Moves Europe

Music Moves Europe is the framework for the European Commission’s initiatives and actions regarding the European music sector. The process started in 2015 with meetings between the European Commission and stakeholders from the music sector to identify the main challenges facing the sector. The outcomes of this dialogue can be found the AB Music Working Group report. The report outlines the need to support music creation, promote musical diversity and to explore the opportunities offered by music online and offline distribution. The Commission has formulated as its ultimate goal to strengthen the EU’s political and financial support of the sector. As a first step, the goal is to launch a Prepatory Action “Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent” in 2018.

The EMC has participated in the AB Music Working Group and closely follows the debates towards a possible EU music funding programme. Recently, the EMC participated in the “Music Moves Europe” pavilion at Midem 2017 in Cannes presenting the objectives towards a European Agenda for Music. Anna Athanasopoulou, Deputy Head of Unit at the Directorate General Education and Culture (DG EAC) participated in the European Forum on Music 2017 in Pafos and updated participants on the most recent developments regarding “Music Moves Europe”.

Seizing the momentum, the EMC joined IMPALA and a broad range of organisations in this letter (download here) directed to all institutions urging the EU to support a dedicated European Music Programme.