Culture Platform for Intercultural Europe


The Culture Platform for Intercultural Europe, a civil society initiative inspired by the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008, connects grass-roots practitioners, associations, public bodies and European institutions, forming strong links between practitioners and policy-makers.  In the framework of working towards strengthening the Intercultural Dialogue in Europe, the platform brings together members from various sectors such as arts and culture, education, minority rights and the fight against racism, as well as media literacy.

The Rainbow Paper (Intercultural Dialogue: From Practice to Policy and Back) is the outcome of a participative process in which multiple organisations came together with the intent of capturing the individual voices of European civil-society and to combine them into a common voice in the field of intercultural dialogue. The document explains the Platform members’ approach to Intercultural Dialogue and contains recommendations for European civil-society organisations and public authorities at all levels.  The Rainbow Paper can be signed by organisations and individuals wishing to acknowledge this voice as their own and make it heard politically.


Current Stage

During the plenary sessions which took place in June 2010 and centred on the future of the Culture Sector Platforms, the platform on Intercultural Europe decided to focus on promoting the idea of an OMC working group on intercultural dialogue – as such a group does not yet exist – to overcome the lack of a counterpart at member state level.

The Cultural Platform for Intercultural Dialogue is supported by

Culture Action Europe

European Culture Foundation

and financed by

European Union Culture Programme

Network of European Foundations