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National/Specialised Music Organisation

Flemish Music Council - MRVL

The Flemish Music Council is a non-governmental organization, standing up for the artistic and human values as promoted by IMC, EMC, with reference to the Unesco conventions in the sector of the non commercial music in Flanders.

The Flemish Music Council is a platform for transversal and structured consultation and co-operation between all stakeholders, professionals and amateurs, promoting and protecting musical quality and spreading musical culture and musical experience in Flanders.

The Flemish Music Council

- supports the several sections of the non-commercial sector by offering them its artistic and scientific expertise.

- tries to build social bridges through music and specific musical projects

- considers music as an essential component of education and underlines the importance of music in education and school education

- calls for attention for the Flemish music

- supports and encourages young Flemish musical talent

The Flemish Music Council draws attention to and undertakes actions to:

- study the needs of the non commercial music sector in the Flemish country

- support its members and other stakeholders in an optimal and professional way

- expand international relationships and activities

- create opportunities for cooperation and development

- stimulate the professional deepening and innovation of the sector.

- promote and publish the Flemish music inheritance and the scientific approach thereof.


Location: Belgium
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