Music Webs - the EMC Podcast

Weaving connections and untangling cultural policy in Europe

The EMC podcast Music Webs will provide regular news on music and cultural policy in Europe. The EMC will regularly invite conversational partners from the broad spectrum of the music sector, be it music educators, people from live music venues, choir singers/conductors, composers, performers, festival makers, instrument manufacturers, broadcasters, etc.

The podcast music was exclusively composed by Moritz Eggert for the EMC, it is performed by Luise Enzian (baroque harp) and Moritz Eggert (piano).

Episode 1 - Corona, solidarity and the digital cage

July 2020

In our first episode, Simone Dudt (EMC) is joined by Silja Fischer (International Music Council) and Giambattista Tofoni fromEurope Jazz Network. They talk about the effects of the Corona crisis for the jazz field and Italy in particular and expand to more general questions, such as solidarity in Europe and how to endure the crisis with live concerts still being rare and musicians as well as the “invisible” workers of the music sector struggling for survival. Their exchange on the wide range of help mechanism put in place by the different countries and the upcoming EU budget, shows that there is still a great need for political decision makers to invest money in music.


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