If you would like to receive more information on the EMC's approach to sustainability, please contact us at auclair[at]emc-imc[dot]org.
We would love to exchange with you about it.

Check the Guidelines developed with the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat for the STAMP project funded by Erasmus +
on how to organise environmentally sustainable events

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Environmental Sustainability

“Europe is facing a crisis of values and everything we do has a multiplying effect, we have to be the leaders. The goal is attainable with music." Beatrice Gabor, MAINOI

The European Music Council strives to be a leader in sustainability.  We take consideration of environmental sustainability in our administration, events planning and publications..
We are following a set of green guidelines in our daily work at the office, which you can find below.

Eco-friendly tips for your office

Check out a few tips to start your new adventure

→ Electronical devices

• Look for labels when buying electronical devices, ex: EU Ecolabel, Energy Star...
• Bring your appliances not working anymore to recycling organisations or back to suppliers
• use power strips with on/off button and shut down when not using anymore
• turn your computer and screen off when leaving the office: try the cake electronic appliances rule (when a staff member forgets to turn lights/computer/screen off, he/she has to bring a cake to the office in the week)
• only use USB sticks with high storage space to avoid waste of energy from other inefficient USB sticks
• regular cleaning and maintenance electronical devices to improve efficiency and longevity
• try to use Energy Efficient Ethernet: reduce power consumption during periods of low data activity

→ Emails

• target your recipient when sending an email: the more recipients the more energy used
• delete any attached documents not relevant
• prefer the use of hyperlinks or compressed documents
• archive and keep only relevant emails
• delete and/or directly unsubscribe to any spams/unwanted emails lists/newsletters (ex: unroll.me...)
• print emails, attached documents and webpages only when really needed and delete unwanted text
• avoid to write emails if you can say it or if no real need

→ Internet use

• simplify your research on the Internet: prefer to enter directly the URL link then to use a search engine
• bookmark the websites you use the more often
• use only key words when using a search engine
• try to use eco-friendly search engines, ex: Ecosia, Lilo...
• limit your use of clouds
• try an eco-conception of your website (tools to reduce “Internet pollution”) or green webhosting
• make sure the website is accessible for everybody (blind/visually impaired)

→ Printer

• use recycled paper
• adjust your printer to print only in black & white (in colour only when needed) and double-sided
• use a font using less ink, ex: Ecofont, Garamond, Century Gothic, Ryman Eco, Vera Sans Regular
• install timers on printers to ensure shut down during out of office hours

→ Office

• reduce, reuse, recycle
• create/use some guideline for your office
• use local office and environmentally friendly suppliers
• use tap water
• use washable kitchen and toilet handtowels
• buy a coffee machine/water boiler to avoid use of vending machines and Fairtrade and organic teas and coffee
• stop using disposable straws, coffee stirrers
• when searching for accommodation use green options
• try to order local organic fruits and vegetable for staff
• stop using plastic plates, cups and cutlery
• prefer vegetarian with local seasonal products meals
• choose cleaning company which uses eco-friendly products



EMC members initiatives

This list will be constantly updated