If you would like to receive more information on the EMC's approach to sustainability, please contact the EMC Green Team, Andrea Murzi and Katharina Weinert, at murzi[at]emc-imc[dot]org and weinert[at]emc-imc[dot]org.
We would love to exchange with you about it.

You can learn more about our Environmental Sustainability Policy here

Environmental Sustainability

“Europe is facing a crisis of values and everything we do has a multiplying effect, we have to be the leaders. The goal is attainable with music." Beatrice Gabor, MAINOI

The European Music Council strives to be a leader in sustainability. We take consideration of environmental sustainability in our administration, events planning and publications. The EMC Sustainability Policy seeks to define the principles of sustainability and how the EMC promotes them throughout its work.

We are following a set of green guidelines in our daily work at the office, which you can find below here


What is the EMC doing?

♦ The EMC Environmental Policy seeks to define the principles of sustainability and how the EMC promotes them throughout its work. The policy is based on the SHIFT eco-guidelines for cultural networks.

♦ The project SHIFT funded by Erasmus+ provides training initiatives for cultural leaders, working together and creating paths to face global challenges such as climate change, gender equality and inclusion. The project was coordinated by the EMC and was implemented with 8 other partners. Discover the work developed on environmental sustainability with ELIA as output leader here.

♦ Check the EFM Online Series on Climate Action - Music as a Driver for Change in 2020 here

♦ The EMC was partner of the Beethoven Pastoral Project in 2020, more information  here

♦ Check the EMC Members Statement on Climate Action released in 2019 at the Annual Meeting here

♦ Check the Guidelines developed with the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat for the STAMP project funded by Erasmus+ in 2018 on how to organise environmentally sustainable events
⇒ in English here
⇒ in German here

♦ At the European Forum on Music in 2018 in Oslo, the EMC organised a session on Global Warming Awareness here and put together articles in the conference reader here

SHIFT eco-certificate

The EMC, together with 15 other international cultural networks, launched the SHIFT eco-certification pilot phase in January 2023. The aim of this process is to co-develop a bespoke eco-certification for cultural networks, taking into account their specific needs and working methods. Such a certification, established in partnership with Creative Carbon Scotland and Green Leisure Group, environmental sustainability specialists from Scotland and the Netherlands, will provide a scheme to improve, measure, monitor and evaluate efforts towards sustainability. The participating networks aim to get eco-certified by the end of 2023.

Read the press release

EMC members initiatives

This list will be constantly updated

► AEC  read here

► European Choral Association  read here

► Europe Jazz Net  read here

► Finnish Music Council hosted Mohamed Jawad Husein Hameed from Bahrain in the frame of Save Haven Helsinki. He is a musician, singer and human-rights and environmental activist. Read here

► Live DMA  listen here

► Live Music Now Scotland read here

More to find on the EFM2020 online series here

Eco-friendly tips for your office

Check out a few tips to start your new adventure

→ Electronical devices

• Look for labels when buying electronical devices, ex: EU Ecolabel, Energy Star...
• Bring your appliances not working anymore to recycling organisations or back to suppliers
• use power strips with on/off button and shut down when not using anymore
• turn your computer and screen off when leaving the office: try the cake electronic appliances rule (when a staff member forgets to turn lights/computer/screen off, he/she has to bring a cake to the office in the week)
• only use USB sticks with high storage space to avoid waste of energy from other inefficient USB sticks
• regular cleaning and maintenance electronical devices to improve efficiency and longevity
• try to use Energy Efficient Ethernet: reduce power consumption during periods of low data activity

→ Emails

• target your recipient when sending an email: the more recipients the more energy used
• delete any attached documents not relevant
• prefer the use of hyperlinks or compressed documents
• archive and keep only relevant emails
• delete and/or directly unsubscribe to any spams/unwanted emails lists/newsletters (ex: unroll.me...)
• print emails, attached documents and webpages only when really needed and delete unwanted text
• avoid to write emails if you can say it or if no real need

→ Internet use

• simplify your research on the Internet: prefer to enter directly the URL link then to use a search engine
• bookmark the websites you use the more often
• use only key words when using a search engine
• try to use eco-friendly search engines, ex: Ecosia, Lilo...
• limit your use of clouds
• try an eco-conception of your website (tools to reduce “Internet pollution”) or green webhosting
• make sure the website is accessible for everybody (blind/visually impaired)

→ Printer

• use recycled paper
• adjust your printer to print only in black & white (in colour only when needed) and double-sided
• use a font using less ink, ex: Ecofont, Garamond, Century Gothic, Ryman Eco, Vera Sans Regular
• install timers on printers to ensure shut down during out of office hours

→ Office

• reduce, reuse, recycle
• create/use some guideline for your office
• use local office and environmentally friendly suppliers
• use tap water
• use washable kitchen and toilet handtowels
• buy a coffee machine/water boiler to avoid use of vending machines and Fairtrade and organic teas and coffee
• stop using disposable straws, coffee stirrers
• when searching for accommodation use green options
• try to order local organic fruits and vegetable for staff
• stop using plastic plates, cups and cutlery
• prefer vegetarian with local seasonal products meals
• choose cleaning company which uses eco-friendly products