Pia Shekhter tells us about her experience in Germany

at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München

“It was very interesting to make comparisons between the situation for music librarians in Germany and in Sweden. […] learning more about the German national IAML Branch was very valuable for me as the Secretary General of IAML. The branch is very ambitious when it comes to further training of its members and I was deeply impressed by how thoroughly our German colleagues had prepared themselves for the cataloguing rules, RDA and FRBR.” June 2018

Pia Shekhter, Secretary General of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres

Inese Zagorska gives us insights on her hosting experience

of the Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation

“In the days of exchange programme, this particular cultural event was a good platform to analyse different kind of music management tools, financial and audience development aspects. […] In modern society communication, networking, good practices, experiences in cultural field helps a lot for creating new collaborating projects and staff exchange programme gives this unique opportunity.” June 2018

Inese Zagorska, Chair of the Latvian National Music Council



Mariana Golovchenko shares thoughts about her exchange

at the European Festivals Association

"It is a chance to get to know the organisation from the inside, to see different type of managerial approches, to see different ways of communicating within the office, to see different ways of dividing the tasks, to see different ways of prioritising..." June 2018

Mariana Golovchenko, Project Manager of the Music and Beyond Foundation

Merlijn Poolman unveils bits of his exchange in Prague

at the Czech Music Council

“[…] I flew back to Holland with a deep sense of satisfaction and a long list of new experiences, knowledge, contacts and at least 3kg heavier due to the great food. […] I found out how difficult it is to run such an institution and this also prepared me a bit for the future when I would like to do similar things with my own organisation, although I am sure my focus will be more on pop than classical probably.” June 2018

Merlijn Poolman, CEO at Stichting Nederlandse Muziek Export