Webinar on EU Cultural Policy

14 May 2019, everywhere online

Looking back at a series of previous successful capacity building workshops, the EMC organised for the first time an online training opportunity on 14 May 2019.
Ahead of the European Union Parliament Elections in 2019, this webinar enables you to further understand cultural policy on a EU level.

⇒ Facts on the webinar:
• webinar free of cost
• workshop live-streamed online
• Q&A made possible through the webinar platform
• webinar in English

► The webinar on EU cultural policy provides an overview of the legal framework and relevant actors and stakeholders in EU cultural policy - from EU institutions to cultural networks. We talked about the difference between the European Agenda for Culture, Council Work Plan for Culture and Creative Europe and why 2019 was such a pivotal year not only for the EU in general but cultural policy in particular.

Download here the presentation used in the webinar