The EMC's Past Projects

The EMC has a long history of projects focusing on different topics. Have a look!



Make Music! Be Heard!

The central aim of Make Music! Be Heard! was to strengthen youth participation in European music networks. Learn more about the Youth in Action-funded project, its activities and outcomes.



Manifesto for Youth and Music in Europe

The WGY of the EMC developed this document aa a result of consultations with many young Europeans from different backgrounds and interests within the music field on their needs and aspirations.



ExTra! Exchange Traditions

The aim of ExTra! was to stimulate the exchange between different music traditions present in today's multicultural Europe. The main focus was the integration of musical traditions of immigrants and cultural minorities in Europe with those already existing in the European countries.

European Forum for Music Education and Training - EFMET

A new European initiative in the field of music education, entitled the 'European Forum for Music Education and Training - EFMET' was launched in 2003. This project, coordinated by the European Music Council, brought together European organisations active in formal types of music education and non-formal types of music education. The European Commission supported the development of this forum through the financial support to preparatory actions in the framework of the EU cultural programme Culture 2000.