Programme of the European Forum on Music 2023

11th European Forum on Music
8 - 10 June 2023, Budapest (HU)

Thursday, 8 June 2023

Keynote on "Concepts of Sustainability"
by Matt Brennan, University of Glasgow - view presentation here and full script here.

Panel discussion on "Sustaining Music in Ukraine and beyond"
Mariana Bondarenko, Ukrainian Institute and Alona Dmukhovska, Music Export Ukraine - view presentation here.
Olga Bekenshtein, Am I Jazz? Festival - view presentation here.
Dmytro Savkiv, 32 Jazz Club - view presentation here.

Friday, 9 June 2023

Introduction and Q&A on "Sustaining gender equity: our aim in the music sector"
by Aysha Hussain, Keychange - view presentation here.

Panel discussion on "Sustaining gender equity: our aim in the music sector"
Gretchen Amussen, AEC/PRIhME - view presentation here.
Szonja Balogh, Karton Foundation/first.wave - view presentation here.
Martha Lomelí, JMI/Play it Loud - view presentation here.
Yohann Floch, Fresh Arts Coalition (FACE)/SHIFT - view presentation here.

Saturday, 10 June

Panel discussion on "Sustaining learning and participation in music"
Sonja Greiner, European Choral Association
Blasko Smilevski, Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI)
Stefan Gies, European Association of Conservatoires (AEC)
Till Skoruppa, European Music School Union (EMU)
Isolde Malmberg, European Associatin for Music in Schools (EAS)

View the presentation here.

Panel discussion on "Sustaining music in local communities"
Shain Shapiro, Center for Music Ecosystems - view presentation here.
Marta Lozano Molano, Wazo Coop - view presentation here.
Friderika Mike, Veszprém European Capital of Culture - view presentation here.