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European Music Council regrets closing of EUYO

The European Music Council (EMC) is the umbrella organisation for musical life in Europe. It is a platform for National Music Councils and European music networks involved in all fields of music from many European countries. Our 74 members are based in 30 European countries.


Wroclaw, 22 May 2016 

After the first 2,5 years under the operation of the Creative Europe programme, the EMC is concerned about the serious impact the changes in funding structures have had. The programme offers valuable support to the culture sector and has enabled important collaboration projects to happen. However, the abolishment of operational grants and the reduction of the number of European networks funded is a serious threat to the existence of culture networks and ambassadors. The EUYO’s impending closure is one of the latest prominent examples how this changes in the funding structure have affected the sector.


Therefore, the Annual Meeting of members of the EMC regrets the decision taken to close the EUYO (European Union Youth Orchestra) and appeals to the European Union and other funding bodies to ensure the continuing operation of the orchestra.


During the 6th European Forum on Music, EMC members and delegates discussed the critically important nature of music and musical expression – which encapsulates the very identity of our cultural understanding and dialogue in Europe; values that are so essential in European societies today.


In a time when the European Union is facing enormous challenges such as the migration of people to Europe bringing the diverse identities of their musical homelands with them to enrich Europe’s culture, it is important that the citizens of Europe have an appreciation and understanding of the diverse nature of that cultural expression as seen and heard in the high quality musical enrichment that is evident in the activities of the EUYO.


The public image of the EU is in crisis because the values of the European community, of people living together in peace and harmony, respecting a diversity of cultures are often not fully nor effectively communicated. This is why the lack of EU funding for the EUYO needs to be revised and measures should be found to secure EU funding for the orchestra.


We therefore appeal to the EU to recognize the potential of culture for a Europe that brings people together and contributes to mutual understanding and respect. Furthermore, we know and have all experienced that a positive image of the EU can be achieved through significant and long-term investment in the arts and culture  - an investment that supports young musicians and celebrates excellence, such as the EUYO and many other music initiatives. Surely this is an aspiration we should share for all of Europe’s emerging artists celebrating the diverse culture that is today’s Europe.


The EMC supports the campaign to secure EUYO’s existence. Read more: