Access to Music

New Perspectives in Education, Distribution and Politics

17 to 20 April 2008 in Brno, Czech Republic

Organised in cooperation with the Czech Music Council
and the Janáček Academy for Music and Performing Arts

In this year the EMC Annual Conference investigated specific needs for Access to Music regarding the different aims and interests of education, distribution and politics. More than 90 representatives from 24 European countries, Israel, Venezuela and Australia came to Brno to exchange their vision on the music life of the 21st century. The Janáček Academy for Music and Performing Arts provided a nice and convenient atmosphere for the event. 

Vladimir Sucha, Director for Culture, Multilingualism and Communication at the EU commission, presented in the conference keynote the European Agenda for Culture. He exposed especially two aspects: firstly the importance of "culture mainstreaming" which stands for the inclusion of culture into various other fields of politics; and secondly the importance of arts education for the learning of intercultural competences as well as the enhancement of skills and creativity. Furthermore Sucha reported about the EU- Commission's plan to build up a mobility fund for the culture sector. With this idea the Commission is following the good example of the Erasmus programme in the educational sector, which is very successful in enhancing the student exchange between the European countries.

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