Conference documentation

An exhaustive documentation has been published by EMC on the conference Music on Troubled Soils, listing inputs from expert organisations and giving an overview of model projects lobbying for peace and understanding through music in conflicted areas.

You can get your personal copy by sending us an email, or you can download it here.

Music on Troubled Soils

Jerusalem, Israel
23 - 26 October 2008

The three-day conference took place in the Jerusalem Music Centre and provided a diverse overview on different music projects taking place on troubled soil. Projects from the Balkan area, Cyprus, Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Mediterranean area were presented. In the projects music served both as interlocutor between peoples providing a means for dialogue and as a means of development aid to improve the social situation and to function as  mind-opener. The conference was framed by inspiring concerts of the Mozaic choir (a cooperation between an Arab and Jewish choir) as well as by the Derech as-Salam Ensemble (with musicians from Israel and Palestine) playing songs in Arab and Hebrew.
The event was organised jointly by the European Music Council (EMC) and the Israeli Music Council (IMC Israel).

More information on the programme here, concerts, experts and press releases.