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National/Specialised Music Organisation

Asociatia Trib'Art

Trib'Art Association aims to develop, support and promote cultural-artistic manifestations by organizing conferences, events, festivals, recitals, symposia, concerts, training stages, contests, exhibitions, meetings and debates, etc. One of the main objectives of the association is to support and guide young talents by promoting them in an educational environment conducive to performance.
In 2017, Trib'Art implemented a successful project in Timișoara, called Asphalt Musical. The peculiarity of this project comes from the locations where the musical events took place, places neglected or forgotten by the concert organizers. Through Musical Asphalt, neighborhoods farther from the center or pedestrian streets have been restored to life with the help of various artistic manifestations. More than 5000 beneficiaries have been responsive to this new concept.
In the autumn of 2018, the association carried out a successful chamber music festival, funded by The National Administration of the Cultural Fund and the Timis County Council. It took place in Timisoara and in Timis County. EUFONIA included on the agenda a number of twelve concerts by internationally renowned artists and a series of master classes, in which students of music schools in the country had the opportunity to perfect their technique under the guidance of reputable artists. EUFONIA was also endorsed by Timișoara Cultural Capital Association 202. The estimated number of beneficiaries of this project is 2500-3000 people.
In 2019, we have implemented several successful projects, which had both a local and national impact (EUFONIA-the sound of classics, Cultural Bazaar, Romanian Chamber Orchestra - I edition, PAVILION- educational activities based on classical music involving children in the rural area) . This year the organization has made major progress, being recognizable today in the cultural landscape of Timisoara as a solid organization, which implements outstanding projects, at the highest organizational level.



Location: Romania
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