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Zebrock is a French non-profit organization established and working in Seine Saint Denis (Paris northern suburbs) and all Paris area (Ile de France region). We aim to encourage various musical and creative education activities; supporting musicians, transmitting aesthetics and arousing debates and thoughts on music and its place in society. Zebrock’s work with major popular musical artists has promoted alternative social and cultural attitudes to music and its significance.

Since the 1990’s, Zebrock has thus been collecting and compiling original and relevant musical material as a means of sharing experiences and patrimonies and promoting artistic creativity through an education of popular culture. Music is the best way to be introduced to culture and is undoubtedly the mainspring of cultural integration.

Cultural operator leading cultural and artistic actions in the field of the current and popular music, Zebrock organization feeds and cultivates the music desires, in particular those of teenagers.

Zebrock goes into primary schools, high schools and colleges in Ile-de-France to make the heritage of pop music better known to students. French chanson, rock, hip-hop, electronic music… these music supports teenagers in their journey to adulthood. With projects as Zebrock au Bahut (“Zebrock at school”), La musique en commun (“music we share”), Bienvenue en chanson (“welcome in song”), La culture et l’art au college (“culture and art in high school”), pop music is vested in a challenging educative logic.

Musical support
Zebrock develops several projects, which goals are to support amateur musical practice, and help artists to refine, assert, and improve their artistic direction. Zebrock works with professional coaches for projects as “La belle relève” (“beautiful succession”) for amateurs who wouldn’t know how to enter the music industry, or with “Le Grand Zebrock” (“the Great Zebrock”) for more established artists to help them launch a professional career.

Zebrock shares a world of music’s treasures, by coordinating debates, meetings, film projections, or master classes.


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Location: France
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