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National Music Council

Council for Music Organisations in Norway - CMON

The Council for Music Organisations in Norway (Norsk musikkråd) 
The Council for Music Organisations in Norway (CMON) was established in 1976 by seven music organisations. Today there are regional Councils for Music Organisations in almost all counties (18). Local councils are established in 150 communities. CMON has 33 member organizations with more than 140 000 members.

Any national music or cultural organisation may become a member of CMON.
The following requirements must be met in order to be recognised as members:
Organisations must be based on individual membership or on collective membership of organisations with individual members. Membership in the organisation must in principle be open to everybody. The members should elect the leadership of the organisation. The organisation must have cultural activities and some kind of music activities.

Our Aim
The Council for Music Organisations in Norway (CMON) is a council for co-operation between independent music organisations. CMON supports no political party. 
Our aim for CMON is: 
• to coordinate and initiate cooperation in the music business
• to administrate the economical means that are at CMON's disposal to the best interest of the music business
• to coordinate and initiate political cooperation in matters of music and culture

Regional councils take care of CMON matters in each county. The purpose of the regional councils is to contribute to the development of the music business by: 
• Acting as a council for contact and co-operation between the music regional departments of music organisations. 
• Developing and strengthening the organisations of music. 
• Providing information. 
• Being an advisor council for county authorities in matters of music and culture. Coordination of study activities and adult music education.

There are local Councils for music organisations in some 150 communities. Their task is among other things to arrange local concerts and co-ordinate initiatives.

Music Policy
The main task for CMON is to co-ordinate and look after the interests of music organisations in different matters concerning authorities and public institutions. The main aim of such effects is to increase the public acceptance of music as an important part of national culture and provide better conditions for music education and music activities.



EMC member since 2017

Location: Norway
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