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National Music Council

Estonian Music Council - EMC

Estonian Music Council (EMC), founded in 1992, is a non-governmental organisation that serves as a representative body of Estonian musicians.

The main activities of the EMC are advocating and appraising Estonian music in all its modes of expression. EMC is there to deal with and find possible solutions to the most essential problems in music life. It acts as a mediator between foreign and Estonian music organisations trying to match the most suitable partners. This is also one of the main goals of the EMC: to bring together Estonian and international music organisations. Thus the EMC mediates information about Estonian music circles to interested parties both inside and outside Estonia.

EMC has been awarding the Music Awards of Estonia since 1992. The main goal is to pay tribute to and appreciate those Estonian musicians who contribute to the development of Estonian music and interpretational arts. The EMC issues annual Music Awards on the International Music Day (1st  October). Estonian Music Council celebrates international music day, initiated by former president of IMC Mr Yehudi Menuhin 40 years ago, on the first of October each year. Since 2013 on this day over 100 free concerts take place all around Estonia in traditional concert places as well as places not so familiar to them. Participating are professional musicians as well as students in different music stiles such as classical, jazz and folk music. On 2016, for the first time, free concerts by Estonian musicians will also take place outside of Estonia while there are also plans for musicians from outside of Estonia to perform in Estonia on this day and we hope in future international music day as musicians corporate day will be celebrated all around eastern and western Europe. International music day brings forth the role and importance of musicians in our life and the purpose of this project is to appreciate music culture, introduce musicians profession, and to provide direct music events accessible to everyone for free.


Location: Estonia
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