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European Music Organisation

European Federation of National Youth Orchestras - EFNYO

Since 1994 the finest national youth orchestras of Europe have been working closely together and have formed an association of 14 pre-professional orchestras known as the European Federation of National Youth Orchestras (EFNYO). Since then the association has expanded to include to date 17 national, 8 international, and 7 cooperating members.

EFNYO's major objectives as an advocacy network are to establish a platform of communication on ensemble and orchestra training and a framework for cooporation projects among its members and further network partners.

The musicians in the orchestras are aged eighteen to twenty-six, and are preparing for a professional career as orchestral musicians. They have in common the vitality and enthusiasm of youth and a lively professionalism with which they perform in concerts throughout Europe. Audiences have come to expect high standards at every concert, for the simple reason that the musicians performing on stage are there to make music at the highest level possible, making each concert a true event. By their very definition, the pre-professional youth orchestras are training the orchestral musicians of the decades ahead. They therefore consider it both a challenge and duty to think about and analyse the constant changes that are taking place in musical life, with the aim of preparing the future generations as well as possible for their professional careers.



Location: Austria
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