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National/Specialised Music Organisation

Music Council of the French Community of Belgium - CdM

Created in 1981, Le Conseil de la Musique is an association which has the objective to makeknown, share and promote the vitality of the music sector in Wallonia and Brussels. It represents the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles internationally with the International Council of Music UNESCO and with the European Music Council. The activities of Le Conseil de la Musique concern both professional music lovers and music lovers across all types of music.

Since 1985, around June 21, Le Conseil de la Musique organizes and coordinates in Wallonia and Brussels La Fête de la Musique, which has taken an international dimension.

It produces and/or also supports other initiatives such as educational projects, competitions, exchanges, concerts and conferences.

Le Conseil de la Musique is also the author of publications, magazines, guides and studies. These works inform about the multiple facets of the history, evolution and news in the music world in the French Community.

Le Conseil de la Musique also develops a sector devoted to pedagogy and artistic training.

Since 1999, Le Conseil de la Musique manages La Maison des Musiques, place of various musical institutions of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. Many activities, including in partnership with musical actors of the French Community, are programmed all the year.



Location: Belgium
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